5 Things You Need To Know About Digital TV Antenna

Are you sick of paying hefty amounts of money in terms of cable bills, every month?

Remember the huge television antenna that was installed on the roof of your house when you were a little kid?

Your parents installed it for a reason!

A television antenna is your ticket to the world of free TV.

Although two types of TV antennas are found in market i.e. Analog and Digital, the latter one is preferred.

Why Is A Digital Antenna Preferred Over Analog?

Digital TV antennas are preferred because of the good results they deliver. Digital TV antennas come with built-in filters for lowering the noise and improving the picture quality.

Like all other devices, digital TV antennas have also progressed and are no longer like a rabbit’ ears. They are now available in variety of relatively smaller sizes and shapes.

Things to Know About Digital TV Antennas

If you are thinking to buy a digital antenna to watch TV for free, make sure you take an informed decision. We have compiled a list of things one needs to know about Digital TV antennas, take a look before you go for buying one.

1. They Help You Save Money

Digital TV antenna is one time investment that will help you save money every month that you now pay in terms of cable fee.

2. They Are Easy To Install

Digital TV antennas are generally easy to install. The only thing that one needs to keep in mind is to choose the right angle as it affects the way it receives signals. ,Installation done correctly guarantees better picture quality and access to more channels.

3. They Are Likely To Give You Access to New Channels

A lesser known fact about cable services is that the service providers carry only a limited number of local channels despite the fact that most of them are available for free. Digital TV antenna, on the other hand, will give you access to all the local channels available in your area by catching their signals.

4. Obstructions Will Result in Weak Signals

You must have heard that the higher an antenna is installed, the better it will receive signals. This is advised because various obstructions, such as tress, buildings, hills and other things can deflect, bend and/or weaken the signals an antenna catches. Although the signals can pass through various surfaces, it affects their strength and quality.

5. You Won’t Have To Pay For Free Channels

You cable service provider is likely to be charging you for channels that are available for free by the broadcasters. Many networks broadcast signals over-the-air, for free, but the service providers charge subscribers for those free channels too. However, this is not the case with digital antenna. It receives all the over-the-air signals available in your area. Since over-the air broadcasts are free of signal compressions, they guarantee amazing HD quality.

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