College Dorm Essentials – What to Get That Nest Leaving Student

Moving to a college dorm room can be a very abrupt change in your lifestyle and to make it less scary, you should be sure that you have all the college dorm essentials. Make sure you visit your college dorm to get an idea of what essentials you'll need before you move in.

Bedding Essentials

You'd want to take at least two sheet sets with extra pillowcases, a blanket, a comforter set, a mattress cover for bedbug protection, a mattress pad, lots of pillows for comfortable daytime seating, and a soft throw for lounging around in the room. Do check the mattress size with the college before purchasing these essentials.

Cleaning Essentials

Make sure you take a compact vacuum cleaner that includes a handheld for quick cleanup and a bucket with a lid so that you can store cleaning products safely. Cleaning products should include a few cleaning rags. Don't forget the toilet brush if you have an in-suite bathroom.

You can check out the Bissell 31063 FeatherWeight Vacuum Cleaner, which is rated as one of the best vacuum cleaners for dorm rooms.

Computing Essentials

Make sure you carry extra Ethernet cables that you can use if the wireless isn't working. Don't forget to get a laptop or tablet sleeve and a computer plus books bag that will carry your computer and school supplies easily. Getting a surge protector with overload protection can also be useful and a compact printer with cable can save your butt if you're a procrastinator.

Just to prepare for one of those nights when you have to work late night on an assignment as your roommate sleeps, you should also check out the Daffodil LEC200B, which is a USB Keyboard light that comes with 22 dimmable LED lights and a sensor that adjusts the light automatically. It can be very useful for working on your laptop late at night without having to look for keys on the keyboard or waking your roommate up. It's only available for £10.

Don't forget your wireless headphones and if you don't have a pair already, you can check out the August EP640B Wireless Stereo Headphones that are available on sale for only £30.75. These headphones are comfortable and high quality and give up to ten hours of runtime on a single charge.

To make your life even easier, we'd like to point you towards the Daffodil WAP150 Power Adapter and USB charger. You can use it directly to charge your devices with a USB cable as well as use it to connect any other device via the adapter such as a laptop charger. It's the perfect little device you need to make sure your laptop charger or any other electronic device runs perfectly in your dorm room. It's available for £5.75 only.

Room Décor Essentials

Make sure you take a rug for your dorm room, but do check the size before you purchase. You could also consider taking a digital photo frame for photos from home. Having a message board can be very useful, so you might want a white board, chalk board or memory board and all the other accessories that come with it. Make sure you get a break resistant mirror, removable wall decals for the wall décor and 3M command strips for hanging any wall décor.

Electronics Essentials

You can use the alarm on your cell phone, but to make alarms more effective, you can try taking an alarm clock with you. You can also consider taking a portable music player and a small TV/Blu-ray DVD combo. You may also want to get a cable splitter, extra cable, and extension cords.

You can consider getting the August MB400B, which will serve as an alarm clock, radio, MP3 player and a wireless or wired speaker that you can connect with your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. It's available for £40 and even supports USB sticks and SD cards for music playback.

Getting an air cleaner and a fan are optional choices and the same goes for a pest control device as it depends on the school's location and policy.

To take care of your TV/DVD combo, we'd recommend the RCA DPDM95R Swivel TV and DVD player. On the other hand, you can always log in to your Netflix account on your laptop and enjoy your favorite TV shows and save some money.

You'd need a desk lamp, but since we already recommended the Daffodil LEC200B, it should be sufficient for your laptop and desk lamp needs. Since the lights are dimmable, you can also use it as a bedside table lamp for reading.

Furniture Essentials

You'd also want to get a bedside table with additional shelving or storage such as a trunk cube that will give you maximum storage space. A comfortable desk chair and additional seating can also be useful. You may also have to get a bed or desk if they're not provided by the school. Checking the housing policy can be useful before you invest in furniture so that you can get an idea of what essentials you'll need to buy and what will be provided by the school.

Ironing Essentials

Get a 2-way auto shutoff iron and a foldable ironing board. Get a dozen or two hangers and a folding dry rack for drying sweaters and fine washables. If you'll be doing the laundry by yourself, you'll need to get laundry staples such as detergent, bleach, stain remover, softener, dryer balls and such.

You should also carry a first-aid kit including a thermometer, flu/cold medicines, pain relief medicines, multivitamins, and your prescriptions. Don't forget to keep an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, sunscreen, a sun hat, flashlight, umbrella, rain boots and a rain poncho. Get locks for your laptop and bicycle if you'll be taking one for moving around the campus.

Make sure you start by making a list of all the college dorm essentials as a list will help you keep track of what you need and what you already have so that you don't buy anything extra. Happy college life!