Youtube, Netflix, Lovefilm, they’re great. They give us a wide range of movies, TV shows and entertaining clips that can swallow up days. But how about when you just want to watch the latest episode of the Apprentice?  iPlayer has it, but you have to wait till once it’s finished before they upload it. What is needed is a way to watch Live TV on your tablet or smartphone and end the fights over the remote.


Fortunately there are three ways to watch Freeview on your portable devices. The first, needs no more than an internet connection and an app, Catch UP TV. TV Catch Up does a decent job of streaming live TV to your devices, but if it was perfect this would be a fairly short post. The issue with watching TV over TV Catch UP is lag and data usage. Buffering can cause your programme to stop at a crucial moment, then jump 30 seconds ahead, so you have no idea why Sharon is crying or who shot Mr Burns. Using this out and about on anything but an unlimited data plan can be costly too.


The second option is using a Smartphone Freeview Tuner stick that plugs into your phone and attaches to an aerial. The August DVB-T305 is great for this, it comes with an aerial adaptor and a portable antenna so that you can connect it to an indoor aerial for better signal. These Tablet TV Sticks work just like a TV Set Top box, giving you access to programme information and can even record your favourite shows to your phone to watch back later. The T305 tuner is HD compatible, so picture is crisp and clear even on the largest Tablet screens.


Finally, there are WiFi TV Tuners. These work similarly to Freeview Tuner sticks, the difference is that they don’t have to be physically connected to your phone. They plug into an aerial, then create their own WiFi network. If you select this network on your phone or tablet, it transmits live TV to the Freeview TV App. You can then watch and record live broadcasting within their WiFi range. The August DVB-T405 has a range of approximately 10m, this allows you to plug it into your living room aerial and watch Tablet TV on the sofa, in the kitchen or anywhere else in range.