What are Multiroom WiFi Speakers?

Having a simple wireless Bluetooth speaker is enough if you want to listen to music in a single room or on the go. However, if you're looking for a more robust system that offers flexibility to control multiple speakers with just a single device such as your cellphone or tablet, you'll want to get MultiRoom Wi-Fi speakers.

Most of the latest MultiRoom Wi-Fi speaker systems offer easy app control from a smartphone and let you play different music in different rooms or play the same track everywhere to get the best stereo experience you could wish for.

Truly Wireless Technology

While this trend for wireless audio for the whole house was started by Sonos and it is still hugely popular in the field, there are now many competing MultiRoom Wi-Fi speakers that you can look into.

Most of the brands are taking the term wireless very seriously. Having wireless speakers in your house doesn't just mean that the wireless connection is between the device you're using to control the system and the rest of the system. Now, there's no need for audio cables even for individual pieces within a system.

In fact, some of the models even run on rechargeable batteries so that you don't have to plug these speakers in for power. The MultiRoom Wi-Fi speakers available are truly wireless and hassle-free.

Whether you need MultiRoom Wi-Fi speakers depends on how many rooms you want the music in, what size of speakers you want, what sound quality you're looking for, what sources you use to listen to music and whether you want to use your existing music gear with the new audio system.

Why You Need MultiRoom Wi-Fi Speakers

Every well-planned house has a variety of fixtures, spaces and interconnected systems that keep the occupants happy and comfortable. Designers and architects can work wonders with climate systems, lighting, appliances, fabric, and furniture. They can easily create the perfect setting for relaxing, entertaining guests, engaging with family and many other such activities. However, one element that even the best of designers often neglect is sound.

Just imagine your favorite music flowing through the rooms like light entering from the windows or cool air flowing from the vents. That's how good it'll feel when the speakers are built into the ceilings and walls.

Even if it's too late to get built-in speakers, you can get the compact and self-powered MultiRoom Wi-Fi speakers that can easily rest on table tops, bookshelves and kitchen counters.

Getting a sophisticated multi-room audio system with a remote control device used to be something only millionaires used to attempt a few years ago as it'd require hiring a professional installer and paying dearly for custom programming. However, now, you can get it at surprisingly affordable prices. Plus, installing MultiRoom Wi-Fi speakers is extremely easy. You don't have to purchase a remote control separately as you can easily convert your smartphone or tablet into one by simply installing an app. Just take a look at how easily the Sonos Controller app that is available for Android and iOS lets you control the music in different rooms wirelessly.

With these MultiRoom Wi-Fi speakers, you don't need to use CDs to play the music you want to. You can easily use internet services such as the Pandora Internet Radio and Spotify apps or the music saved on your computer or mobile. The best part is that you can easily play the same music throughout the house or play one song in your bedroom and another in the lounge.

This user and décor friendliness is one of the biggest advantages that a MultiRoom audio system offers. The seamless experience is ideal for whatever mood you're in. Wired systems are still also available, but let's focus on wireless MultiRoom speakers for now.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Wi-Fi speakers are ideal because installation and setup only take a few minutes and there's no need to involve a complicated and bulky home theater receiver. You can easily carry the wireless speakers to different rooms and even bring the entire system to your backyard or lawn if that's where you're having the party. It's unbelievably portable.

You'll need a network bridge or an access point to connect the system to your network and of course, a high-speed internet connection. You'll also need self-powered wireless speakers and wireless amplifier modules. You'll also need a wireless music source module that can connect to your home theater or your home stereo system if you intend to use it and last but not the least, you'll a remote control device.

Of course, your choice of components depend on the size and layout of the room and the kind of music you'll be listening to, but if you have some know-how, you can also create a MultiRoom Wi-Fi sound system by yourself.

Recommendation: August WS150G Wireless MultiRoom Sound System

If you're looking for something sophisticated and economical, August WS150G MultiRoom Sound System is available only for £79.95. It's ideal for an average home and gives you portability, ease of use, ease of installation and great sound quality.

You can easily control the music throughout your house and operate up to 4 wireless speakers at once using your phone. You can choose the music in different rooms and control the volume easily from anywhere in the house.

If you're a fan of dynamic stereo sound, you can combine multiple speakers that are a part of this sound system to create a powerful and dynamic sound system easily and play the same music on all speakers and amplifiers.

With this sound system, you can easily stream music from music stations such as Tidal, TuneIn, Spotify and iHeart Radio directly using Wi-Fi.

While the entire MultiRoom Sound System is Wi-Fi-based, you can also connect via Bluetooth or the standard 3.5mm cable. You can run it directly on an AC supply or use the internal batteries that offer up to 22 hours of continuous playback for a portable audio system.