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AUX Speaker

AUX Speaker

Daffodil host a range of wireless audio devices, but for those times when a reliable, cabled solution is needed many speakers still support a 3.5mm audio jack connection. Whether you are hooking up a powerful desktop speaker to your PC or using an AUX speaker with a 3.5mm Jack Bluetooth Receiver, the AUX port is a versatile and incredibly useful feature to have, even on wireless devices.

3.5mm Audio Cables

Some of the most accessible and universal cables available, the standard 3.5mm audio jack is well-known for easily connecting an audio Input and Output. Commonly this includes playing your phone audio through wired headphones, MP3 audio through an external speaker, listening to car radio privately or even attaching wireless adapters.

An AUX Cable is included with all our audio devices and adapters so you can easily plug and play.

Portable Speakers

Due to the low hardware requirement and direct connection of a 3.5mm AUX Cable, the speakers used can be light, small and focussed entirely on the sound. These speakers can be thrown in a bag, glove compartment or even a pocket and kept on-hand to boost audio from any device.

Portable Bluetooth speakers take many forms, from small cylinders to desk lamps! But one thing they tend to have in common is an AUX port.

External Phone Speakers

Excluding Apple iPhone, most modern smartphones have an AUX port for instant access to private audio via headphones. However, these little speakers do the opposite, and instead fix your phone’s tinny, quiet audio into a complete audio experience. These speakers with AUX input are the smallest and most refined we offer!

Waterproof Speakers

Even devices that have wireless batteries for powerand keep charge up to 24 hours still benefit from the wired AUX port. While power might be wireless, audio being transmitted via cable keeps performance at maximum and maintains an instant, high-quality transmission. For the perfectly relaxing bath or shower the MS430 features water resistance at an IPx5 rating while still using an AUX cable. AUX speakers aren’t outdated at all and can still benefit from many extra features.

Audio Quality

One benefit of a speaker with an AUX input is the transmission quality. With wired connections still the fastest way to transmit data, audio included, a 3.5mm jack will provide the best experience.

An AUX speaker might have as many as 4 or more driver units inside. In the case of the MB420 for example, there are stereo, bass and a “tweeter” speaker for high notes and timbre. To fully utilise these drivers be sure to check your 3.5mm cable tip for the “rings” of non-conductive material. A single-pin 3.5mm jack can only play in mono, while one more ring means full stereo audio is transmitted (As well as a microphone line if there’s another ring extra).

With 40mm driver units doing the main work and the bass unit / tweeter taking care of the extremes these speakers use the full range of a 3-pin AUX cable.

Also, consider using a CD-Player rather than streaming services for even higher quality playback!

AUX Bluetooth Adapters

Owing to the simple nature and dedicated purpose of the humble 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth adapters are easy to set up with one. A guide to Bluetooth adapters can help you decide if you need a transmitter or receiver, and how simple AUX cables can transform your wired devices into modern Bluetooth speakers.

This works both ways, using the AUX OUT of a TV to a wireless set of headphones or the AUX IN or a speaker with the Bluetooth connection of your phone!

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