Camera and Smartphone Tripod Stand - Portable Handheld Tripod - Daffodil TP100


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    Daffodil TP100 Table Top Tripod - Portable Handheld Tripod Digital Camera DSLR - Adjustable Rotation Ball with Lock Stabilisation Stand - Adapter for Smartphone Included 


    • Portable and Lightweight
    • 360 Degree Rotation
    • Sustainable Design
    • Universal Compatibility


    TP100 Handheld Tripod Stand
    Record Videos and take Photos on Cameras and Smartphones with the TP100 Tripod Stand. Its compact size means that you can easily take it on Trips and Holidays, and store it in a Bedroom. Made from High Quality Material, it can be used frequently without having to worry about wear and tear.

    360 Degree Rotation
    The Stand can rotate 360 ° on its Base, meaning you can take Photos and record Videos from any Angle. It also has a 45 ° Tilt

    Universal Compatibility
    It can be used with Smartphones, thanks to the provided Adaptor, and with SLR Cameras, Projectors, Sports Cameras, GoPros, and Webcams.

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