Clock Radio with MP3 Alarm - August MB300 - Play Your Favourite Music from USB and SD or FM Station


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    Wake Up To Your Favourite Song
    Put your favourite song on to a USB stick, plug it in and set the alarm. Start every day with the music that you love.

    Bring The Music With You
    With a rechargeable internal battery, this versatile clock radio can double as a portable speaker. Connect your phone, SD card, USB stick or MP3 player and listen to music with a punchy bass anywhere

    Remote Control Use
    Want to use the alarm function, but can't put the alarm clock radio next to you? No worries, the included remote control allows you to stop the alarm from across the room and drift off back to sleep.

    Power and Sound
    Charged by USB or mains power, the five-hour battery makes the MB300 perfect for garden parties, barbecues or as a site radio. Furthermore, the backup battery power ensures the alarm will go off in the event of a power cut. Two powerful 3 watt 60mm speakers allow for excellent sounding music playback and will be sure to wake you up every morning to your favourite song. 

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