Slim Electronic Cigarette Lighter EC220 - USB Rechargeable Electronic Windproof Cigarette Lighter


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    Flameless and Windproof Lighter 
    Even in the strongest of winds and in the open air, the lighter will work perfectly! Just open the lighter and touch the sensor on the side. The coil will begin to heat up quickly.

    Safe and Reliable 
    The lighter is safe and reliable. It will switch off automatically after 10 seconds or when closed.

    1 Hour Charge Time 
    A full charge only takes 1 hour and provides usage throughout the entire day. No need to pay for disposable lighters and gas purchase for refillable lighters.

    Convenient & Portable 
    It is convenient and portable, with its super slim 6.5mm size and it's low weight. The brushed metal finish and attention to detail is of high quality, thus the EC220 lighter is the perfect gift for any smoker. A lighter with a refined style.

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