Slim Foldable USB Charger - August UMC301 - 1-Port for iPhone iPad and Android


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    Slim Foldable USB Charger - UK Plug Adapter/Travel Adapter for iPhone, iPad, Android and USB Powered Devices, available in White or Black


    August USB Charger
    As well as having a high performance level, the UMC301 is small in size and weight, meaning it is easy to carry with you on trips. 

    Superior Material
    This product is made of high-quality fire-retardant material which is safe, firm and durable.

    British Regulations
    These apply to Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Kuwait, Maldives and other places.

    Five Heavy Protection, Safe and Carefree:
    Short circuit protection, current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, overpower protection


    • HIGH PORTABILITY - Easy to carry, take it anywhere you go!
    • SAFE, FIRM & DURABLE - Made from ultra-safe material
    • UNIQUE DESIGN - Aimed for portability, the charger folds to become more compact and portable.
    • STRONG COMPATIBILITY - Meets requirements for almost all your needs, whether it be Tablets, Mobile Phones or other smart devices.
    • UK REGULATED PLUG - Three square pins plug for UK use 


    • Factory model: FS-202-2
    • Input voltage: AC100-240V.
    • Input current (mA): 0.25A
    • Input frequency: 50/60HZ
    • Input power (W): 5-10W.
    • Startup delay time (S): 2S.
    • Short circuit protection: YES
    • Overcurrent protection: YES
    • Produce Dimension: 56×56.8×15mm
    • Produce Weight: 43g
    • Input interface type: power AC head (British regulation)

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