Thermometer - Accurate Mercury Free Digital Thermometer


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    Daffodil HPC300 Thermometer - Accurate Mercury Free Digital Thermometer

    Measure your Body Temperature accurately and very quickly with this superb electronic digital thermometer. Compared with the traditional glass mercury thermometer, it has the advantage of easy reading, quick response, secure and accurate measurement, memory and buzzer alarm, etc. It causes no harm to the environment or the user's body because no mercury is used. It is suitable for use on all the family, young or old. This Thermometer is brand new and supplied in a box with full instructions on how to use. Also included is a handy protective case to keep the Thermometer in when not in use.


    • LCD Display - Easy to read temperature measurements
    • Reading Complete Beep - Notifies you when the reading is ready
    • Memory Function - Stores the last measurement taken for quick reference
    • Accurate to 0.1 Degrees - Benefit from precise readings
    • Mercury Free - Environmentally friendly and suitable for all the family
    • Multi Read Methods - Suitable for oral, axillary and rectal use

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