Your Sound, Your Headphones.

With a pair of headphones, whether they be for listening to music, movies or gaming, we have a wide selection of headphones that suit each need you require. From ANC, Bluetooth, wireless or wired, on or over-ear. The choice is yours! 

Keep an eye for App supported headphones. If the headphones are supported, these would be compatible with the August Audio app enabling you to change the EQ or help/disabling individual headphones' lights.

What is ANC?
ANC or Active Noise Cancelling uses microphones placed on the outside of your headphones to reduce or block out unwanted background noise.

On-Ear vs Over-Ear Headphones?

On-Ear headphones like the August EP636 will sit nicely on your ear's using cushioned material and slightly tighter headbands, this type of headphones are great for gym use and running, and they stay in place while actively moving your body.

Over-Ear headphones are designed to be placed directly over your ears leaving you more immersed with your music, perfect for travelling as the cushions make a seal around your ears meaning the music does not leak out causing a nuisance to others.