Slim Foldable USB Charger - August UMC301 - 1-Port for iPhone iPad and Android


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    Slim Foldable USB Charger - UK Plug Adapter/Travel Adapter for iPhone, iPad, Android and USB Powered Devices, available in White or Black


    August USB Charger
    UMC301, easy to carry, high performance.

    Superior Material
    This product is made of high-quality fire-retardant material which is safe, firm and durable.

    British regulations
    These apply to Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Kuwait, Maldives and other places.

    Five heavy protection, safe and carefree:
    Short circuit protection, current protection, over-voltage protection, over -temperature protection, over- power protection


    •  HIGH PORTABILITY - Easy to carry, take it anywhere you go!
    • SAFE, FIRM & DURABLE - Made from high quality fire-retardant material which is safe, firm and durable.
    • UNIQUE DESIGN - Aimed for portability, the charger folds to become more compact and more portable.
    • STRONG COMPATIBILITY - Meets requirements for almost all your needs, whether it be tablets, mobile phones or other smart devices.
    • UK REGULATED PLUG - Three square pins plug for UK use 


    • Factory model: FS-202-2
    • Input voltage: AC100-240V.
    • Input current (mA): 0.25A
    • Input frequency: 50/60HZ
    • Input power (W): 5-10W.
    • Startup delay time (S): 2S.
    • Short circuit protection: YES
    • Overcurrent protection: YES
    • Produce Dimension: 56×56.8×15mm
    • Produce Weight: 43g
    • Input interface type: power AC head (British regulation)

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