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Digital Radios
Portable Digital DAB Radio provides high-quality sound. Do you know what DAB stands for? It means Digital Audio Broadcasting and it offers clear quality sound superior to that of FM. Not only will you have access to more channels, but these radios are also capable of playing whatever music you choose from their USB ports and Bluetooth features. Select the colour you prefer of your portable digital Radio and stand out from the crowd!

Choose the Portable Alarm Clock Digital Radio that suits your needs. Here you can find a variety of colours, shapes and models! We are proud to say that our Digital Clock Radios are the best relationship between quality and price. Bluetooth wireless speakers, DAB and FM Tuner, as well as, only the latest art of technology!

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Being able to listen to music is one of life's greatest pleasures, and with our selection of radios, you can do just that, add a radio to your household, whether that be the living room, sitting room, kitchen or bedroom. With our stylish, sleek designs or Retrofitting design, we have a look for everyone. Choose between FM or choose DAB for a more precise sound and access tons of great radio stations in your area, whether that be the golden era of rock or the modern pops.

With our range of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), you not only gain clearer and richer sound but you future proof yourself for any future changes that may come to FM broadcasting in the UK. All our radios come fitted with an Alarm Clock for those early risers who wish to start their day with nothing better than the music from their location stations. 

If you are unsure of what DAB Radio stations are available in your area, visit the Digital Radio UK website and search your postcode.