Dilution Free Wine Chiller Stick with Pourer and Flavour Enhancer Aerator - Stainless Steel


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    • OPTIMUM DRINKING TEMPERATURE – Alternative solution to cooling sleeve, ice jacket, bag or bucket - Cool your bottles of wine, champagne, prosecco to perfection without dilution even out and about in picnic!
    • PREVENT SPILLS & STAINS – Integrated spout to pour your glasses of drink without spilling - Drip free pourer makes it more convenient to pour your wine
    • BUILT IN AERATOR - Allows exposure to just the right amount of air before putting the wine on the table
    • PORTABLE DESIGN AND EASY USE - Simply store the unit in the freezer for about two hours then insert stick into the bottle
    • CERTIFIED FOOD GRADE MATERIALS - Manufactured with the highest prime standards with chrome finish and clear pourer to give you peace of mind


    The perfect gift for any lover of wine, this innovative chilling stick allows you to enjoy every glass at its ideal temperature. 

    Simply store the chiller rod in the freezer for about two hours and then insert it into the bottle. The chiller stick is designed with a drip free pourer to avoid spills and stains as well as a built-in aerator, which exposes the wine to the perfect amount of air without needing to waste time waiting for it to breathe by itself. 

    The Wine Chiller Stick is manufactured using certified food grade materials and is designed to fit all standard sizes of wine bottle.

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