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Refurbished - VHS to Digital Converter Video Capture - August VGB350 - Transfer VHS mini DV Hi8 DVD to computer, Composite Svideo, PAL / NTSC / SECAM, included software, Convert audio & Video from VCR & Camcorder

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VHS to Digital Converter - August VGB350 - Transfer VHS, Mini DV, Hi8, DVD Tapes to Digital Copies S-Video and Composite compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7. PAL / NTSC...

VHS to Digital Converter - August VGB350 - Transfer VHS, Mini DV, Hi8, DVD Tapes to Digital Copies
S-Video and Composite compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7. PAL / NTSC / SECAM, Included Software
Capture old VHS Tapes, Video Camera, Retro PS1/PS2/PS3/XBOX/Wii Gameplay

Transfer VHS, Hi8, Mini DV Videos to your PC
The August VGB350 Video Capture Card is the best solution for digitising your old videos from your camcorder or video recorder. Plug the adaptor into your computer. You need to connect your camcorder, VCR, DVD player or Retro Consoles to your computer by connecting the Composite Cables, the S-Video Cable or the SCART adaptor (Included). Then save them onto your computer, USB Memory Stick or SSD in the desired format using the included software.

Share with Friends
With digital files, you are free to share your memories via Facebook and YouTube, stream them to your Smart TV and create edited highlight reels using the provided software. With the VGB350, you aren't limited to digital video capture; audio and digital stills can also be created. Create DVDs to share with your family and friends; you have a wide range of possibilities when sharing your beloved memories with those closest to you.

With the VGB350, you will also create and digitise your digital audio cassettes and vinyl. You are not restricted to video, and you can transfer your VHS tapes and camcorder movies directly to your computer's hard drive. Convert your VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, Hi8 Video 8. The VGB350 capture card is compatible with any video recorder equipped with a SCART socket and any camcorder equipped with a video output (composite or Svideo). This video converter is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and with different software. The video capture card is compatible with PAL / NTSC and SECAM formats to adapt to each available format regardless of the origin of your cassettes.

Record Gaming Sessions
Record your video games from a retro console compatible with RGB or Scart connections. An adaptor may be required depending on the console. Play and share your retro gaming sessions or exploits hassle-free.
Compatible with Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, XBOX, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii and many more.

Burn video onto DVD
Very easy to burn DVDs with this material. Capture the video using the software and select a DVD recording. You can then easily share it with your loved ones who want to keep a physical object. For others, convert movies to digital format (MPEG2 / MP4) and share them via USB key or directly online.


System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 10 / 8 /7 / Vista / XP
CPU: P4 1.4Ghz or higher
RAM: 256Mb or higher
Graphics Card: 512Mb or higher
Free Hard Drive Space: 1Gb
Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or Higher
USB 2.0 Port


Hardware Installation
Drivers can be downloaded online (explanations on blue paper in the box).
1.      Connect the August VGB350 USB stick to a USB port on your computer (Some HUB USB may be incompatible depending on the brand)
2.      Pause Windows Defender, Avast, Norton or another antivirus for the duration of the installation. Some antiviruses can block the installation
3.     Start the installation and follow the instructions. Authorise all requested access.

Software Settings for Windows
When making connections with a video recorder, ensure that the Scart adapter is in the OUT position.
The Scart socket of the video recorder must be AV1 / TV.·
When opening the Honestech software, click on the Setting button. The "video device" line should be "August VGB350".
The "Audio Device" line should be "August VGB350".

If you do not see this information, reinstall the drivers or contact customer service.
  • Click on the video level adjustment button
  • Select Composite if you are using the coloured cables or S-Video if you use the black cable (+ white cable for sound).
  • Click on Control and select PAL_I.
Play the video on the video recorder or camcorder to see it in the software.

If you can't see the video, you will need to change the camera settings and the video standard between different PAL, SECAM, NTSC. For that,
  • Completely close the capture software
  • In your computer's search bar, look for "Change Video Standard" and open the application.
  • Select the desired standard (PAL_I) and press CHANGE then OK
Warning: On Windows 10, access to the camera must be activated in the computer settings: Open Windows settings and go to "Confidentiality" then to "Camera" and authorise access

If you still don't have the video preview:
  • Right-click on the Honestech icon on the desktop
  • Click on Property
  • Click on Compatibility
  • Check "Reduced colour mode"
  • Select 16 bits
  • Reopen Honestech software

As the video plays on the source device, it should appear on the screen.
A blue screen means that the source device (camcorder or VCR) is not sending the signal through the cables. Everything must be disconnected and reconnected and the parameters of the device must be checked.

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