Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Headphones - Make Wired Headphones and Speakers Wireless


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    aptX LL Enabled
    The MR230 is aptX LL (Low Latency) enabled. This Bluetooth codec lets you enjoy your media with zero perceptible lag. It is widely known that audio transmission needs to happen at a rate of around 40ms to be heard in synchronisation with what you are watching, aptX LL has a latency of around 30ms, providing you with some of the best end-to-end audio transmissions.

    Ultra Compatible, Perfect for Transmitting audio to old Stereo Systems or Car Stereos

    The August MR230 is a Bluetooth receiver that will enable you to wirelessly play your music from your Bluetooth device to any speaker system.

    You have the flexibility to use almost any pair of powered speakers you like, which means you can put those high-end stereo speakers of yours or your home theatre system to good use. You simply attach the August MR230 to your speakers using standard analogue RCA or 3.5 mm jacks.

    With the RCA cable you can transform your HiFi speakers and stereos into bluetooth devices and listen to the great sound coming out of these devices wirelessly.

    Wireless Connectivity
    With the August MR230 you will be able to play and control your music wirelessly using the native music player from the Bluetooth device you are using. No more cables needed to play music whatever system you are using!

    Simple to Use
    No software is needed as your Bluetooth device will control the media. Build in rechargeable battery allows you to use the device anywhere, anytime. Easily charged by USB. The 2.402 - 2.480GHz frequency range will achieve a high quality transmission to fully enjoy listening to music wirelessly.


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