Android TV Airmouse and Keyboard - Fluid Control and Easy Typing for Android Set Top Boxes and PCs


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    • Air Mouse with Keyboard - Improve navigation and typing for Media Center PCs Android Set Top Boxes
    • Universally Compatible - Connect to PCs or Tablets for complete control from your armchair
    • Plug and Play - Simple to set up, just plug in the dongle and your remote is ready
    • Radio Frequency Remote - Excellent 10m range that works even without line of sight

    Plug n Play 
    No installation necessary. Just plug the dongle in and you're ready to go. The PCR500 is also universally compatible.

    The PCR500 Smart Remote, allows you to control your media PC or Android Smart TV straight from the Sofa. With a wireless keyboard, chatting on messenger and searching YouTube is simple, and the wireless mouse function makes selecting movies on Netflix as easy as point and click.

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