USB Desk Fan - Daffodil UFN100 - Stay Cool at your Desk on Hot Summer Days


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    • USB DESK FAN - Create a refreshing and cooling breeze at your desk, just plug the UFN100 into any powered USB socket for a breeze without a plug socket
    • TILTING BLADES - For precise direction of your draft, the fan head can be tilted vertically a full 270 degrees. Great for placing on a shelf or on the floor!
    • QUIET REFRESHMENT - The near silent blades operate without disturbing your colleagues or distracting you from the work at hand
    • POWERFUL BREEZE - Quad fan blades driven by an enhanced, premium standard motor provide the strongest breeze from a 4" fan

    Stuck in a hot, uncomfortable office?
    Longing for a cool refreshing breeze?
    Then order the UFN100 desk fan today! USB powered and with a speed control dial, its quiet blades create a lovely, Directable, cooling blast of fresh air without disturbing your colleagues.

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