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Powerpoint Remotes

Standing up in front of a crowd can be a daunting experience, whether your presenting in front of class mates, the board or a hall full of interested delegates. Getting it right and making a good impression takes a great deal of preparation, firstly you have to research your subject, prepare a speech, practice and learn it and decide whether to use visual aids.


Powerpoint from microsoft is the industry standard package for digital slideshows, long gone are the days of clacking projectors and static images, nowadays you can integrate videos, music and dynamic graphs and charts to keep your audience focused and help them to interpret the information you are imparting. With old fashioned 35mm projectors, a wire linked you to the device giving you two buttons to move forwards and backwards (noisily) through your slides, with powerpoint, you can either employ an assistant to work your laptop for you, or use a wireless powerpoint remote to take control yourself.


Wireless powerpoint remotes come in all shapes and sizes, with many different, useful features. To decide which powerpoint remote is right for you, you should consider what level of control you need whilst making your presentation. The basic power point remotes, such as the LP102R, have just three buttons, one for your next slide, one for the previous slide and one to activate the laser pointer. At the other end of the scale, some wireless presenters have remote mouse control, vibrating timers and shortcut keys that allow you to swiftly navigate your PC whilst presenting.