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How to choose a portable TV

Choosing a TV for your living room is hard enough, but what if your looking for one to use when your on holiday, waiting to pick the kids up from football practice or sitting on a train on your way to work?


Just like living room sets, portable TV's have been constantly evolving since the death of the cathode ray tube. The days of sitting by the riverbank, twiddling dials to try and find a signal without too much static are long gone, many of the latest portable sets put their static cousins to shame with the range of features they offer so what do you need to know before making a decision?


External Aerials


The ability to attach an external aerial to a portable TV is an important consideration, whilst the switchover process is still ongoing signal strength varies greatly from place to place and the onboard antenna isn't always enough to get a signal. An external aerial connection means that you can hook up an amplified aerial or even connect your set directly to a rooftop aerial significantly boosting the reception capabilities of your set. Browse our portable TV's with an external aerial connection.


 Analogue Tuners


Some portable sets have both analogue and digital TV tuners, these sets can still access the old analogue signal in areas where the switchover hasn't taken place and although by the end of 2012 this feature will have become redundant, it is definitely worth taking it into consideration if you know that you will be using your set in areas which haven't yet gone through switchover. Browse our TV's with both digital and analogue tuners.


Power Options


Some portable sets have internal batteries, some take rechargeable AA's and others can only be powered by the mains or using a car or lorries lighter socket. It's definitely worth thinking about where you'll be using your portable TV and deciding whether you need the flexibility a battery gives before making a decision on which set to go for. We stock a range of battery powered TV's and TV's that can be powered by 12V socket.


Multimedia Player


Many portable TV's have USB ports and/or card readers, these allow you to play your digital videos, view and share your favourite photos and listen to MP3's via a memory card reader or USB stick. If you have a large collection of digital videos that you'd like to be able to watch whilst on the go, or if you are looking for a small screen set for the kitchen that'll also work as an MP3 player, our portable TV's with Multimedia Players would be a good place to start.