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Nano Hooks – Combining Modern Technology with Useful Gadgetry

The Daffodil Nano Hooks use state of the art Nano technology to ‘stick’ to any smooth, non-porous surface without ever falling off and without leaving a sticky trace. Too good to be true? Think again.


These sturdy storage hooks offer convenient access for a variety of items, such as clothing, jewellery, towels, travel bags and more. Extremely easy to apply, you simply remove the backing film and press them firmly to the desired surface. And for convenience, the Nano Hook can be removed and reapplied, simply by washing the back and allowing it to air dry. 


We, at Daffodil, use the term ‘stick’ loosely, as unlike their counterparts, the Nano Hooks will not come unstuck or leave behind any hard to remove adhesive marks. These handy little hooks can be applied to any smooth, clean surface such as glass or ceramic tiles and are ideal for maximising otherwise unused space. Quick, tool-free, easy installation means that these are perfect for all to use with minimum effort.



Why Choose Nano Hooks?


Conventional hooks often require drilling, screws and a lot of mess whereas newer alternatives are infamous for coming unstuck and leaving behind an adhesive layer. Both require time and effort preparing the desired surface and cleaning post-use. The joy of the Nano Hooks is that they are a fresh, easy-to-fit alternative. You only need to wipe clean the desired surface and if you wish to remove or reposition them, you can do so without tidying up any mess. They are ideal for use in the bathroom as once positioned, water will not affect their grip on the tile, so whether it’s your shower gel or loofah you want to hang, the Nano Hooks have you covered.


Each pack comes as a set of two and can be purchased on Amazon, or direct from Daffodil at RRP is £4.99



Product Details:


  • Self-Adhesive Nano Hooks hold on strongly to any clean smooth, non-porous surface such as glass and ceramic tiles.
  • Features: Removable and Reusable
  • Material: Nano coated plastic
  • Colours: Blue, Coral, Green, Sand, White
  • Usage: Ideal for towels, coats, keys, calendars or decorations
  • Usage Restrictions: Not for use on dirty rough, bumpy, porous surfaces
  • Self-adhesive: Yes
  • Finish: Square, Round or Rectangle
  • Maximum weight supported: Round and Square: 2kg, Rectangle: 5kg
  • Quantity in pack: 2



Instructions for use:


  • Wipe clean the desired surface with a wet cloth and dry.
  • Remove the film from the Nano Hook and press down hard in the desired position.
  • To remove, simply peel off.
  • To reuse, wash the back with water and allow to dry. Then reposition.