Portable Digital Radio - August MB225 - DAB+/FM - RDS Function, 40 Presets & Dual Alarm


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    Multi-Functioning Radio
    With built-in DAB and FM Reception, the MB225 enables you to access a wide array of stations to enjoy. 40 Preset Stations are available, meaning you can easily save your favourite Stations for future listening.

    LCD Screen
    The MB225 features a bright LCD Display Screen that is easy to read and use. There is a Blue Backlight, a wide range of Station information, and information regarding the Battery Life.

    Integrated Rechargeable Battery
    With a built-in Lithium-Ion Battery included, you can listen to Radio for up to 20 hours without having to recharge. This allows you to use the Radio when you are outdoors, or on the move.

    Set two different alarms, and personalise them for different times and lengths. In addition, you can choose whether to have a traditional buzzer noise or have a Radio Station of your choice play instead.

    Variable Settings
    When in FM Mode, switch between Mono and Stereo to personalise your listening experience.

    Audio Socket
    An Audio Socket means that you can plug in Headphones and listen to Radio, ensuring that others are not disturbed if they do not want to listen to your favourite Music or Shows.

    Prune and DRC Functions
    Prune is a feature that deletes stations that are no longer transmitting or have moved frequency. These are marked with a '?'When you do a full scan, it adds new stations but old stations are not deleted. A Factory Reset clears the memory entirely and scans again for all available stations.

    Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) is a feature that reduces the volume of louder sounds and boosts the volume of quieter sounds. We recommended this when listening to audio at lower volumes.


    In The Box

    • August MB225 Radio
    • Micro-USB charger
    • Quick start guide (Full Manual Available on August Website)



    Troubleshooting & FAQ's

    Top 4 Preset Buttons,
    Tune to the station you wish to preset.
    Hold down the number you wish to preset it to.
    You will receive a confirmation ‘Stored’ message.

    Presetting stations 5 - 20
    Tune to the station you wish to preset.
    Hold down 'PRESET', and you will be presented with 'Preset Store' menu.
    Scroll to the preset number you wish to store and press 'SELECT'

    To listen to a preset station above 4, Press 'PRESET' to access the preset menu and scroll to the station you previously preset.

    How do I set the time?
    Select 'Menu' > 'System' > 'Time'
    Select 'Set Time/Date.
    Scroll up or down to select the correct Hour, once done press the 'Select' button to proceed with minutes.
    Scroll up or down to select the correct minutes. Once done press 'Select'
    Complete the same actions to set the correct date.
    Once complete press 'Select' and it will confirm that the time and date are saved.

    Setting a Sleep Timer.
    Press 'Menu' > 'System' > 'Sleep'
    Scroll up and down to select the amount of time you desire.
    Press 'Select' to complete.

    Switching off the device / Standby Mode.
    To put the MB225 into standby mode, press the 'Off/On' Button located at the top of the radio once. Press once again to turn the radio back on.
    To switch the radio off entirely, Press the 'Off/On' Button once, and then hold the button down for two seconds or until you see the message 'Bye Bye'

    How do I factory reset my radio?
    Press 'Menu > 'System' > 'Factory Reset' > 'Yes'
    This will reset the radio back to its default settings and will clear all existing radio stations, presets & alarms.

    I have no Signal.
    We cannot guarantee signal in every location. You can check the DAB/DAB+ Coverage in your area by visiting UK Digital Radio's website and inserting your postcode. This will give you a full list of DAB/DAB+ Stations you should be receiving.
    Once connected to a station you can press the 'INFO' button to view information about that channel, including your signal strength.

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