August Smart Activity and Fitness Tracker - App Enabled Smart Health Wristband with OLED Display


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    Fitness and Health Tracker
    Utilise the wristband to track figures such as your Step Count, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Distance Travelled and Calories Burnt. Use the stopwatch function to track time and using the app, see your fatigue state and get manual measurements such as Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.

    Huge Battery Life
    The 30 Day Battery life ensures the device will last around a month per charge.

    Notification Alerts
    Be alerted to what's happening on your device, whether it's a phone call, message, alarm, notifications from a range of apps including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, and if you've been resting for long periods.

    Find Device Function
    Using the 'Search Wristband' function will mean the wristband vibrates, allowing you to find it. Never worry about losing your phone again! Note: The search function will only work if the wristband is within Bluetooth range.  

    IP67 Waterproof Rating
    The IP67 Waterproof Rating means the SWB200 is protected from dust and is protected against the effects of immersion in water up to a depth of one meter.

    Sleep Tracker
    See information on how you sleep, the length and periods where you were in a deep sleep or shallow sleep, as well as how many times you woke and your entire sleep time.

    Redefine Healthy Life
    Receive a tailored daily health service based entirely on the data collected from you.

    Remote Photo Taker
    Simply rotate or shake your SWB200 to control your smartphone and take photos! Who needs a selfie stick or tripod?

    August Pulse APP Enabled
    Use the application to access information about your activity. See information such as step count, sleep period and the most recent measurements of your heart rate etc.

    Sleek and Elegant Design
    Wow your friends with the elegant design, made purposely to increase comfort and reduce any irritation during the day.

    Android: 4.4+
    Apple: iOS8+
    Bluetooth: 4.0+
    In The Box:
    SWB200 Wristband
    Charging Cable


    Download the August Pulse app for the SWB200 Below.



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