USB Freeview HDTV Tuner DVB-T210 Watch Digital Television in Full HD on Laptop and Desktop Computers


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    Watch TV on your PC
    Watch LIVE Freeview TV, listen to digital radio or even record your favourite shows on your Windows computer.

    Electronic Programme Guide
    Real time EPG allows for scheduled and timeshift recordings. Never miss a moment of your favourite TV shows, and record them directly to your PC hard drive.

    Easy Installation
    The DVB-T210 is simple to install. Just plug in the device and insert the supplied CD for the software (or download via our August website). The device supports a variety of broadcast standards including MPEG4 and H.264. It packs a lot of versatility into its small frame. With excellent reception,  it is ideal for adding digital TV to your Windows PC.

    IR Remote
    Control your media PC from the comfort of the sofa, with no keyboard and mouse required once it's up and running.

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