Blue Light Blocking Glasses Gamer Glasses and Computer Eyewear Anti-Glare Protection Anti-Fatigue Anti UV Glasses for Smartphone Screens, Computer or TV


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    • Lenses - Amber lens tint, anti-glare coatings and ultra-pure lens material provide sharper, clearer vision so you can work more efficiently and feel more comfortable.
    • Function - Block the glare with the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision through the use of their specially designed lenses featuring proprietary tints and coatings that block blue light and glare .
    • Frame - Weighing in at only 23-grams, these lightweight glasses are properly balanced to reduce pressure points and combat eye strain,140-millimeter temples and full rim frame are forged from injection polymer to ensure lightweight durability.Keep your glasses in place with the 18-millimeter bridge and multi-barrel hinges which create rotational stability for a long lasting fit;
    • Features - Prevents dry eye, irritation and sharpens detail to ease eye strain,Filters blue light and UV to enhance contrast and protects eyes.Reduces glare to eliminate distraction and stress. Pressure points or fatigue Conforms with all head sizes and will not interfere with your headset.

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