Bluetooth In Ear Wireless Earbuds - IPX6 Waterproof - DSP Noise Reduction With Microphone - EP800


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    • Portable Power
    • Multi-Functional Button
    • Automatic Reconnection and Noise Reduction
    • Waterproof Protection
    • Enhanced Comfort


    Charging Case

    The EP800 arrive inside a 550mAh Portable Charging Case. The Case can be Charged, providing up to 25 Hours of Battery Life, and Five Full Charges, for the Earbuds. A Charge of 1.5 Hours leads to up to Five Hours of Use.

    Multi-Functional Button

    A Button on the Earbuds allows you to Skip, Pause, and Rewind Tracks, as well as Answer and End Phone Calls.

    Automatic Reconnection

    Once you have Connected to a Device, such as a Phone, the In-Built Bluetooth V.5 Chipset ensures you can Connect to that same Device quickly in future usage.

    Noise Reduction

    With DSP Noise Reduction, Microphones capture your voice whilst minimising Background Noise and Interference, allowing you to make clear Phone Calls

    IPX6 Waterproof Technology

    The EP800 Buds are developed with IPX6 Waterproofing, ensuring protection from Rain and Sweat.

    Enhanced Comfort

    The EP800's are supplied with Small, Medium and Large Interchangeable Earbuds, allowing for a custom fit that keeps the buds in place regardless of any movement.

    Extreme Portability

    The Charging Case is extremely small, meaning the EP800 are stored easily in a Bag or Pocket. Lightweight Earbuds (3.5g) allow for a discrete fit while providing you with base-rich Music in all locations.

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