Champagne/Wine Stopper, 2 Pieces Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed Wine Sparkling Bottle Closure Sealer Silver


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    • Each of the Champagne Stoppers is made of tough stainless steel material, and rust-resistant
    • The Champagne Stoppers are great for bar accessory, and an essential addition for your kitchen and home bar
    • The Champagne Stoppers are easy to clean and can be reused, to keep your unfinished champagne or wine sealed
    • The wine stopper clamps are tight to an unfinished bottle of wine(especially champagne) to better maintain flavor and freshness
    • You can simply pull the stopper onto the bottle to form a tight vacuum seal, and push the button to remove it, very convenient to use

    Color: Silver
    Weight: 100g
    Material:Food Grade Silicone, Stainless Steel, Alloy Spring

    Package included:
    2 Pieces Champagne Stoppers

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