Dual Bluetooth V5.0 Headphone Transmitter Adapter for TV aptX HD August MR270-HD


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    aptX HD Enabled

    The August MR270-HD is the upgraded version of the MR270, it can transmit aptX HD audio to a single pair of headphones, allowing for a high definition listening experience. The MR270-HD can also output in SBC or aptX LL to a single device if the headphones do not support aptX HD. When connecting multiple pairs of headphones the MR270-HD can output in SBC and standard aptX formats with a strong stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

    Dual Audio Bluetooth Transmitter

    The August MR270-HD Bluetooth Transmitter sends stereo sound from your TV to two pairs of headphones at the same time. Perfect for when you want to sit back, relax and enjoy your shows in the evening, without waking the kids. Just connect it to your TV via the headphone socket, optical out or composite audio out and it can transmit audio wirelessly to yours and your partner's headphones in wired quality, without the need for a splitter or trailing wires.

    Powered by USB or Battery

    Operating via USB power allows the transmitter to be permanently plugged into your TV USB port so that you can reconnect swiftly anytime you want. Portable battery use enables listening for 15 hours playtime between charges, great for use in bed with a tablet.

    Great Connectivity

    One of the only Bluetooth transmitters to offer optical audio in, the MR270-HD can be connected to almost any non-Bluetooth device. And with Bluetooth version 5.0, it’s a simple, hassle-free and user-friendly process to hook up to two pairs of headphones, a pair of headphones and a speaker, or any combination of audio devices you require. Reconnection is as simple as switching your headphones or speaker on again.

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