Freeview HD Set Top Box Recorder With Included 32GB USB -Digital Receiver DVB415


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    August DVB415 Freeview HD Reciever with Built-In PVR Mode
    With Included 32GB USB Memory Stick

    The DVB415 Freeview receiver from August is a simple to use and style Freeview Box, capable of receiving HD Channels, PVR Recording and Live Channel Pause.
    Simple to connect and setup, use your existing roof-top or portable aerial and scan for channels on your area. No monthly subscriptions required.

    1080p HD Freeview
    Watch Stunning HD Channels, with the HDMI out connection, this Freeview receiver and recorder is simple to connect and gives you the benefit of stunning HD TV pictures.

    7 Day EPG
    With the 7 Day EPG, you can swiftly browse through the television listings for the next weeks programming, quickly setting up a scheduled recording or auto-channel changing, so you do not miss your favourite shows. Your favourite channels can be stored in an easy to find a category to customise your channel surfing and streamline your viewing.

    Record, Pause and RewindTelevision Channels
    The August DVB415 can pause and rewind live television using its timeshift function and its built-in multimedia player to allow you to watch your digital videos, photos and music on your television.
    Recording a television channel is as simple as pressing one button. All recordings are available to view in the box's PVR Player.
    Please Note: A USB 2.0 Only Memory stick is required with a maximum of 1TB. For a two week's average recordings we recommend between 32 - 64GB

    TV Settings and Parental Control
    The box's aspect ratio can be set to 16:9 Wide-screen, 16:9 Pan & Scan, 4:3 Full, 4:3 Letter Box or 4:3 Pan and can. The resolution can also be changed between 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 576p.
    To censor channels, a pin controlled parental guidance system can be customised to require an access code to be inputted for any channel you would like to block.

    Video Outputs
    Video output can be via HDMI or SCART, making the DVB415 available on almost any television.

    Included Memory Stick
    With this bundle, we include a 32GB Memory Stick, the average memory capacity for an average 2-Week recording. Pre-set to NTFS Format, Simply Plug and Play to start recording your favourite television shows.

    Display Output: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p HD (HDMI or Scart)
    Video Aspect: 16:9/4:3/Auto
    Power: 100-240v @ 50/60Hz
    Tuner Input: Standard IEC (162-2)
    Tuner Passthrough: IEC 162-2
    Digital Audio Output: Coaxial
    USB Port: USB 2.0
    Video Profile: MPEG, AVC, H 264 HP, AVC HD

    Music: MP3, OGG
    Photo: JPG, JPEG, BMP
    Movie: MPG, MPEG, DAT, TS, TRP, TP, M2TS, VOB, MP4, MOV, MKV, DivX, AVI, 3GP

    Box Contains:
    August DVB415 Freeview Player
    HDMI Cable
    Remote Control
    2x AAA Batteries
    User Manual
    1x 32GB Memory Stick

    Please Note:
    This device does not contain a Hard Drive. For Live recordings and Timeshift, a USB 2.0 Only Memory stick is required.
    Please contact us if you require more information regarding this.

    The device says ‘BOOT’, but nothing is on my screen?
    boot is the standard bootup message, and this is not a concern.
    Please check that the HDMI/Scart is fully inserted both in the box and your television, and check that the television is on the correct Source.

    What USB stick is compatible?
    You will need a USB Memory Stick or External Hard drive to enable channel recording.
    Any USB 2.0 1TB or less is acceptable. Between 16 - 64GB is generally good enough for a week’s recordings.

    Will not record to USB Memory Stick.
    Our Freeview boxes generally prefer using NTFS over FAT32. To format your USB drive follow the following steps, From the menu, Scroll along to ‘Media Player’ at the far right. Scroll down and select ‘PVR Settings’Select ‘Format’ and Switch from ‘FAT32’ to ‘NTFS’You will be able to record from here on out.
    *Please note, formatting the stick will erase any data currently stored on it.

    How do I schedule a recording?
    1) Press ‘Timer’ when watching the TV to enter the Schedule
    2) Press the ‘Red’ button to load the ‘Event Add’ page
    3) Use the arrows to select and move channel, time, etc