Power Bank Lighter with LED Torch EC300 - USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighter with Powerbank and LED Torch


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    Multi-purpose 3 in 1 Electronic Lighter with built in Power Bank and LED Torch 
    This isn't your average lighter. Whilst being able to ignite cigarettes, candles, paper, incense or other dry matters, the built in Power Bank allows you to fully charge either 3 phones or 2 tablets. Adding to this, the powerful LED Torch will brighten up any area.

    Usable in any conditions 
    No matter what the weather is, the lighter has the ability to fight through! Whether it be rain, wind, sun, snow or worse, it will not let you down.

    Eco Friendly 
    The EC300 lighter can produce 300 lights on a full charge, whilst your average lighter might give you 100. Instead of going out a buying a new lighter just recharge your electronic one, saving you money and the environment as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

    Ease of Use 
    To use, simply open the lid and press the button. Put the cigarette close to the arc and inhale.The lighter is unable to light up when the lid is closed for safety purposes
    USB Charging
    Charge Phones and Tablets using the built in power bank
    Safety Notices 
    • Do not make skin contact with the electric Arc whilst in use.
    • Keep lighter out of reach of children
    • To avoid any potential danger, do not expose the lighter to fire, water or other liquids.
    • It is recommended to clean the ashes or other substances by brush (included) for better performance.
    • Please charge and discharge the product following the manual instructions.



    • Output Power: 10W
    • Built-in battery: 3.7V / 6800maH
    • Battery Life: 300 Lights/3 Smartphone/2 Tablet Charges
    • Flashlight: 1W LED
    • Electronic Cigarette Lighter Power: 12W
    • Product Dimensions: 91.8 x 38.6 x 20.5mm
    • Product Weight: 131g

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