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    Activity Tracker - Smart Fitness Wristband Pedometer Bright OLED Display and Silent Alarm / Notifications

    The August SWB100 is the stylish way to help you stay in shape whilst keeping you connected. With activity tracking, it monitors your step count, calories burnt and distance travelled, and motivates you with notifications when you achieve your daily targets. Your daily activity can be accessed through the LED screen of the wristband or easily synced to your phone to allow you to track your progress over time.
    • Fitness Wristband - Record your daily activity to track your fitness
    • Smart Tracker - Track step count, calories burnt and distance walked
    • Sleep Monitor - Monitor the quantity and quality of your sleep
    • Anti Loss Alarm - Warning pulse when your phone or tablet is out of Bluetooth range
    • Vibrating Alerts - Stay notified of calls, SMS, emails, social media and calendar notifications

    Sleep Monitor
    Through the data collected in the app, you can track your sleeping patterns and keep an eye on the quantity and quality of sleep you're getting each night. 

    Alarms and Notifications
    The pulse alarm in the SWB100 will gently vibrate, quietly alerting you to calls, SMS, e-mail, social media and calendar notifications. Through the app, you can set up daily, weekly or custom reminders, which is ideal letting you know when your medication is due or waking you up in the morning, without disturbing the rest of the house.

    Anti Loss Alarm
    To help avoid leaving your phone at home or on the bus, the SWB100 will buzz to warn you that it's out of Bluetooth range. 


    • Android: 4.3+
    • Apple: iOS7+ 
    • Bluetooth: 4.0+ 
    • (Please note that not all apple or Android devices running the correct OS will have Bluetooth v4.0+).

    Package included

    • 1 x Smart Wristband
    • 1 x Charging cable
    • 1 x user manual

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