Refurbished - TV Tuner for Android DVB-T305, Watch Live Freeview HDTV on Android 4.1+ Smartphones


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    Freeview HD Receiver 
    Turn your Smartphone or Tablets into a TV, the DVB-T305 allows you to watch and record digital TV on your device. Offering the best reception of any of the Micro USB TV tuner of the market, the DVB-T305 will give you the TV programmes you love anywhere you want: beach, camper van or commuting.

    HD Recorder
    Recording is also easy and simple. Once you download and set up the "PadTV HD" as you prefer, you will only have to tap the screen twice to start recording your TV programmes or events in the internal memory on your phone, simple!

    Antenna and IEC Adapter Included
    The August DVB-T305 also includes a portable antenna which will allow you to receive signal outdoors. Alternatively, you can use the IEC Adapter to connect it to the roof top aerial of your house.

    Total portability
    As it is a freeview device, no internet connection nor subscription are required. Relax, your data is saved! Supports MPEG2, MP@ML and H.264
    The DVB-T305 supports the best standard for the reception of freeview: MPEG2, MP@ML and H.264. To use it with your device, you only need to check that your Smartphone or Tablet is Android 4.1 or higher.

    Receiver: DVB-T, DVB-T2, Supports EPG
    Receive frequency: 48.25 to 863.25 MHz
    Bandwidth: 1.7/5/6/7/8/10 MHz
    Support devices: Android Phone and Tablet
    System requirement: Android OS 4.1 or higher
    Antenna input impedance: 75 Ohm Recording Format: MPEG2 Dimensions: 68x40x17mm Net Weight: 6g

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