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Smart Exercise Hula Hoop with Counter Timer Weighted Ball Detachable - FHH100

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Smart Hula Hoop for Adults with Counter Timer and Weighted Ball - Daffodil FHH100 - Belt for Exercise, Gymnastics and Message.For Professional or Beginners with Extra Link Knotts Supplied. 70...

Smart Hula Hoop for Adults with Counter Timer and Weighted Ball - Daffodil FHH100 - Belt for Exercise, Gymnastics and Message.
For Professional or Beginners with Extra Link Knotts Supplied. 70 - 100cm 40Inch - Orange
This sports belt is ideal for toning the body or losing weight. It allows you to perform a simple physical activity without too much effort. The calories are burned quickly because different parts of the body are involved: hips, buttocks, legs, thighs... Effortlessly tone your body.
This digital hula hoop is much smaller than a traditional hula hoop. You can transport it more easily and use it both indoors and outdoors (check that there is enough space for the ball). The inner parts of the hoop offer a gentle massage during use. A good way to combine sports practice and well-being.
It adapts to different body shapes thanks to its internal waist size ranging from 27 inches to 40 inches (70cm to 100cm).
How does it work?
The fitness hula hoop is made up of several knots that can be fitted together to make it fit your size. Once the correct diameter has been adjusted, clipped it around your waist. A performance calculator is attached to the hula hoop. It allows you to calculate precise data on your efforts during the exercise and monitor your progress. Train and exceed your limits to build muscle or lose weight. A weighted ball with an adjustable weight is also attached to the gymnastic hoop. This ball allows for rotation during the session.
What does it measure?
This smart hula hoop measures the number of hoop turns you make, the calories burned and indicates the time spent on the exercise. Accurate information is displayed on a digital screen to better understand yourself and improve your performance over time.
Tips for Use:
  • Find a location with enough space for use.
  • Place Hula Hoop on your waist by adjusting or removing the extra link ties.
  • Attach the counter and weighted ball to the Hula Hoop.
  • Spin the ball around your waist and start rotating your hips, this, in turn, will rotate the ball.
  • Watch detailed information about your performance on the screen at the end of your exercise.


Box Contains
Hula Hoop
Additional Link
Counter with Weighted Ball

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