TV Adaptor for Bluetooth Headphones - Stream Music from Audio Out to Bluetooth Headphones


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    Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

    To connect Bluetooth headphones and speakers to retro audio sources, the MR250 can plug into any 3.5mm headphone or audio out socket, and send audio through Bluetooth in perfect stereo sound. Perfect for streaming audio wirelessly from a TV or speaker system- never wake the kids up again when watching a movie!

    Plug and Play System
    With no software required, simply use the 3.5mm audio jack cable included to connect to any Audio Out. The MR250 is compatible with most TVs and Sound Systems.

    Built in Rechargeable Battery
    A single charge of the item can give you up to ten hours of playback, meaning you can use the product without having it plugged in at all times. Leaving the micro USB plugged into a USB socket secures a permanent Bluetooth transmission. 

    aptX Low Latency Enabled
    This product is aptX LL (Low Latency) enabled. This Bluetooth codec lets you enjoy your media with zero perceptible lag. Audio transmission needs to happen at a rate of around 40ms to be heard in synchronisation with what you are watching, but aptX LL has a latency of around 30ms, providing you with some of the best end-to-end audio transmissions around. 


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