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Below are a selection of frequently asked questions from our customers, if you have a question that isn't covered in this section please feel free to contact us.



Why hasn’t my TV found BBC3?


The most common cause for not finding BBC3, BBC4, C Beebies or any other channel which does not broadcast all day is scanning during the time whilst it is off air. The simple solution is to rescan for this channel during the times which it is broadcasting.



Why can’t I get a signal from my portable freeview TV?


As the UK has not yet completed the transfer of terrestrial TV broadcasting from the traditional analogue protocol to the new digital signal, Freeview reception varies across the UK. Some regions may not be covered by the Freeview service at all or a rooftop aerial with digital bandwidth may be needed to receive Freeview programmes in areas where the signal is weak. It is expected that the Freeview signal will be greatly enhanced for everyone by 2012, when the Switchover is complete.



Can I use a Universal remote with the TVs you supply?


Although the manufacturers of the TVs we supply do not have codes available for auto programming a remote control, we do supply a range of remotes that are able to manually record the signal for any TV. In order to program these remotes it is essential to have your original remote control.



Why do some of the aerials you supply have a magnetic base?


Connecting our aerials to the roof of your car, radiator, sink or other large metallic object turns the whole surface area of this object into an aerial. This can greatly improve the reception capability of your portable TV.



My TV does not have an external aerial connection, is there any way to connect it to my rooftop aerial?


Using electrical crocodile clips, you can connect the onboard aerial to a coaxial cable or the signal cable of any external aerial, this is not the most elegant solution but can greatly assist in the initial scan for channels.



I’m trying to pay, why have I been redirected to an HSBC website?


In order to protect your payment details and offer the securest possible shopping experience, we use HSBC’s payment site to process credit and debit card payments. This service can be used with credit and debit cards from all major providers.



Do you accept American Express?


We do take American Express through HSBC’s secure payment site.



I have purchased one of your UMC500 plug adaptors and it is not charging my iPhone/Smart phone?


The UMC500 outputs power at 500ma, the latest iPhones and some other smart phones require more than 500ma to charge. We would recommend checking your phones user manual or contacting the manufacturer to find out the current needed to charge the device.