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Indoor TV Aerials

Get the Perfect HD Antenna for Television

With our extensive range of HD Indoor TV aerials, you'll be sure to find your perfect Digital Antenna for TV. Combined with our ranges of Freeview Tv Boxes or Portable TVs, you can record, watch and enjoy your favourite TV programs. 

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  1. Portable Aerial for HD TV - August DTA240 - High Gain Digital Freeview Antenna


    The August DTA240 is the number one best selling TV antenna on Amazon UK and is available here for the best price

    • Metallic construction provides excellent reception
    • Attach the magnetic base to a metal surface to boost reception further
    • 1.5m cable makes it easy to position the aerial for optimum reception
    • Compact and lightweight design makes this the perfect portable aerial
  2. Portable Indoor/Outdoor TV Aerial - August DTA250 - High Gain Digital Freeview TV Antenna

    • Just plug in the coaxial cable and the aerial is ready to use
    • Receives signal for Freeview HD TV and DAB radio
    • 1.5m cable for freedom to position as you choose
    • Magnetic base allows for easy placement and enhances reception
  3. Amplified Indoor TV Aerial with Signal Booster - August DTA300 (Black)


    All you need to receive a wide range of channels
    Utilizing a built-in signal booster, the August DTA300 offers the best reception short of a rooftop antenna. It provides clear picture, including for HD and 4K broadcasts. Simply plug the aerial into your TV or Freeview box and begin watching.

  4. Portable TV Aerial - August DTA180


    The DTA180 from August is a slimline portable aerial that offers surprisingly powerful digital reception. It is ideal for portable TVs and, in most locations, is all you need for top notch picture quality.

    We recommend using this website to check the signal strength in your area before purchasing. If the signal is green, then the DTA180 presents a great opportunity for saving money. If not, you could consider the slightly larger August DTA240 High Gain Portable Antenna, which offers the best reception for a portable aerial.

  5. Portable Indoor/Outdoor TV Aerial - August DTA280 - Dipole Telescopic Antenna

    • Ideal for both digital and analogue reception
    • Standard coaxial cable ensures compatibility with virtually all Freeview devices
    • Features dipole, telescopic antenna for optimum reception
    • LTE filter protects from interference by 4G transmissions
    • 1.5m cable for easy positioning
  6. Amplified Indoor TV Aerial - August DTA245 - High Gain Antenna

    • Ideal for adding a TV to your kitchen or bedroom
    • Standard coaxial cable means it can be set up in seconds
    • Features a signal booster powered by USB
    • Magnetic base allows you to attach to a metal surface and improve reception
  7. Amplified Indoor TV Aerial - August DTA300 - Digital Freeview Antenna with Signal Booster

    • Standard coaxial cable - Compatible with almost any Freeview enabled TV
    • 20dB High Gain Amplifier - Boost signal strength and improve reception
    • Attractive Sleek and Stylish Design - Looks Great in any Room
    • Low Noise Amplifier - Enjoy smooth, static free picture quality
    • 1.5m cable - Easy and flexible positioning for best reception
  8. Portable Indoor/Outdoor TV Aerial - August DTA430

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    • Optimised to provide clear signal for DVB-T and DAB radio
    • Compact design is ideal for portable TVs
    • Quick and easy to set up using adhesive pad, suction cup or wall mount
  9. Extendable TV Antenna with 3 Segment Telescopic Rod - August DTA102

    Designed for portable Freeview TVs and DAB radios this mini aerial can greatly improve reception...
  10. August DTA208 Freeview TV Aerial - Portable Indoor/Outdoor Digital Antenna for USB TV Tuner / DVB-T Television / DAB Radio - With Magnetic Base

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    Standard coaxial cable - Ideal for use with all Freeview ready devices Compact and lightweight - Perfect for portable TV’s and multimedia players Magnetic base - Improve reception by harnessing large metal surfaces 1.5m cable - Easy and flexible positioning for best reception Optimised for digital reception - Enjoy clear DVB-T and DAB radio broadcasting

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