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Convert VHS to DVD with our Video Capture Devices

Combined with the included software, our video capture devices, such as the VGB100, allow you to transfer or convert all your old VHS, DVDs and other videos to your PC. Whether it's retrieving footage from an old wedding on VHS, clips of the kids back on DVD or you want to record and stream gameplay from video consoles, our video capture devices are perfect for everyone. This is the ultimate in hardware and software to video capture. 

Stuck? Our video explains the best way to transfer your old videos to DVD or PC here

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  1. VHS to DVD Converter - August VGB100 - USB Video Capture Card

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    The VGB100 makes it quick and easy to capture the video from your VCR or camcorder. Simply plug in the cables, run the included software and play the video. You will then have a video file that can be watched on your computer or copied to a DVD.

    • For capturing the video, connect either the black S-video cable or the yellow composite video cable.
    • For capturing the audio, plug the white and red cables into the matching coloured sockets.

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