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Campervan Gifts for Christmas 2023 for all Budgets

Motorhomes and Caravanning aren't always the cheapest of past-times, but this year you can get caravan gifts for your favourite motorhomers, caravaners and road-trippers (Even if your favourite is yourself, we won't tell!)

Learn more about some genuinely useful bits of kit to give this Christmas. Motorhome gifts needn't be as expensive as you might think so explore this complete guide to campervan gifts for Christmas 2023 from as cheap as £9.95 all the way to £100+ to really blow their socks off!

1) 12 Volt Television for Campervan

A popular contender every year, there's not much arguing with the investment, practicality and thoughtfulness of picking up a TV for a campervan fan! Camping, motorhomes and road trips as well as trucking jobs can all leave people a little starved for modern entertainment and vital news, but a portable TV can solve that.

Whether you want to spoil them with a 10-inch screen or give them a cute little 9-inch TV to tuck in a glove compartment, a TV for a caravan is the perfect way to support someone's hobbies and holidays throughout the entire year.

The best gifts keep on giving, and a TV for a campervan provides over 100+ Freeview channels via the inbuilt tuner (Just be sure they have a good aerial!) as well as the option to play multimedia like their own music / videos from USB.

See the 9 and 10-Inch TV sets below:

2) Campervan TV Aerial

Following the same theme but with a much, much lower budget is the gift of a well-renowned TV aerial. Slightly less glitzy and glamourous than a full-on TV set but no less practical and thoughtful!

A TV is only as good as the aerial; a 60 inch plasma isn't going to be impressive if all it's showing is static!

TV aerials come in all shapes and sizes but there are a few features to pick out for caravan TV aerials:

At least 5dBi of Gain ensures that the aerial is strong enough to work outside of towns and cities. If you know your motorhome gift recipient will be travelling a quite far afield then aim for an "Amplified" aerial which can reach up to 30dBi of Gain!

Directional Aerials can provide a better experience to caravan and camping TVs as the aerial can be rotated, scanned in the right position and then left stationary. For people who move around more a directional aerial may be more of a hassle, so judge based on usage.

Magnetic or Suction Mounting guarantees that you aren't gifting someone a DIY project! You don't want to get someone a beefy aerial just to discover they then have to find space to affix a mount inside the caravan. Magnetic and suction mounts are common among aerials and suit caravan TV aerials.

The Correct Aerial Port is as important for a caravan aerial as it is for any other! Don't get a coaxial aerial for someone wanting to use a Satellite box, for example! (One clue might be if the caravan or motorhome has one of those portable satellite dishes on the outside!)

Explore your options from the UK's number one aerial producer August International here, and keep a special look out for the DTA300 amplified aerial with 28dBi of gain.

3) Water-Resistant Oxford Fabric Tech Bag

Staying on the cheaper end of the scale, a water-resistant bag with space for laptops, portable camping TVs and accessories like cables or storage devices is a great way to give someone freedom with a gift.

The bag itself is fantastic for caravans and motorhomes, but the best thing is that whoever receives it can chose what to put in it! They might have a tablet, laptop, TV or even something completely different like art supplies they want to keep dry and safe.

The bag is secured with a zip, has internal rigidity and the oxford fabric ensures a good level of water-resistance. If you want to head out of the caravan and explore the forests, hillsides and beaches of the nation then a bag like this can ensure you have your essential tech with you.

4) Portable Radio with Off-the-Grid Charging

If a TV is too much of a commitment and a bag is too little, then a small self-contained bit of tech might be what you're looking for.

The MB290 camping radio is not only equipped with its own telescopic aerial for DAB, DAB+ and FM radio reception but also features a 3-LED torch and Off-the-Grid charging.

You can charge the MB290 in 3 ways:

USB-C Power Cable. The fastest way to top up the radio, and doesn't rely on a mains port thanks to USB power! Perfect for caravans.

Solar Panel Passive Recharge. The inbuilt solar panel provides enough charge in direct sunlight to offset usage. You might not be able to recharge the entire battery this way, but it will keep the device alive for when you really need it.

Hand Crank Kinetic Charging. The most fun way to charge the radio! The attached hand-crank can be folded out and turned to generate electricity for the battery directly from kinetics. Away from any electrical outlets and with no power pack charge? Simply crank the level for a few minutes to get some much-needed power.

Once you have power in the MB290 there's an array of uses:

DAB / FM Radio

3-LED Torch with SOS Mode

Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

5) Camping Torch and Power Bank Combo

If the LED bulbs in the MB290 aren't enough and you like the idea of a camping light for your motorhome friend, then the LEC600 is a brand new product from us right here on Daffodil!

Supplying August products has been a huge inspiration to us, so sometimes we endeavour to develop our own tech, too!

The LEC600 is a baton-style camping light which is a perfect campervan gift. From night time maintenance to early-morning fry-ups on the stove and even during day-time hiking, exploration and more the LEC600 provides light, power and security.

The unit uses 42 (We counted) LEDs behind a translucent cover to create one single, large light source. With the option for dimming and raising the white light setting you can use it as a night light just as well as a beacon!

The red light settings draw attention, signal an emergency and even blip the SOS morse pattern in SOS mode. This can draw visibility from campsites and other populated areas if you find yourself lost or stranded. The red flashing can also be used as an effective cycling tail light or attached to a backpack for walking at night in unlit areas safely.

6) Interior Motion LED Lights for Cupboards

Last, but certainly not least, are the LEC022 dual-pack of motion lights. For those who arrived here via our newsletter you are probably aware that I have a few of these stuck around my own flat, and absolutely love them!

If you're just joining us frantically trying to think of a gift for a caravaner then let's go over the basics:

These circular LED lights are magnetic, and can either be attached to something like a fridge, metal frame of a caravan etc. However, the units come as standard with small 3M sticky pads with a magnetic surface. This means you can attached these LED guardians anywhere with no damage to the wall and no complicated mounting.

Once in place these guardians will light up when they detect movement. I have one in the corridor that runs along the back of the flat between the bedroom, bathroom and living room. When I open the living room door the light at the end of the hallways sees the motion, and turns on!

This is great for saving electricity on having a corridor light on the whole night just for the moments I pass through. It also doubles-up as a night light for navigating to the bathroom or living room overnight.

The applications don't end there though. In a caravan or motorhome you could affix one of these inside a cupboard or drawer and it would trigger when you open the door! This saves electricity, again, but also ensures you can utilise your motorhome without having to power on the whole schtick. Depending on your situation with fuel and generators at campsites, the LEC022 can provide a much-needed backup for the essential areas of the campervan.

It's the Thought That Counts!

We come to the end of our guide to the best campervan gifts for motorhomers this Christmas! We wanted to highlight a range of budgets and keep the suggestions something practical, since it really is the thought that counts!

Showing you understand someone's hobby (or entire lifestyle!) and want to support them in it with a practical, useful gift is a great way to demonstrate a genuine investment and interest, which as someone who has a range of odd hobbies myself is absolutely validating!

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