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24 Hour IoT Platform Healthcare Vital Sign Watch for Seniors AUDAR E2

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  • World's First International Mobile IoT Telehealth Network Watch; No Paired Phone or App Needed.
  • Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen and Temperature Measurements.
  • Includes 1 Year of Telehealth Platform Access and 1 Free SOS Token.
  • International Data Sharing with No Roaming Charges and Personal Alarm GPS Response.
  • IP67 Waterproofing & Up to 14-Day Battery Life with Hourly Measurements
  • Fall Detection Automatically Reacts to Falls and Impacts

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IoT Devices with International Data Transmission for Instant Virtual Healthcare and SOS Watch for the Elderly or Vulnerable

What Makes E2 So Specialised?

Measurement Efficiency - The AUDAR E2 health watch uses a dynamic measurement system complete with skin-contact sensor. This conserves battery by only measuring the required vital sign, and only when attached to someone's wrist.

Data Transfer -The E2 is a Mobile IoT device. Essentially this means it can send a text of your data direct to phones, but also to the AUDAR telehealth platform which you access online. Because of this inbuilt SIM, the watch doesn't need a paired phone or app of any kind.

Brand Ambivalence - Brand Ambivalence is a term describing when a product can be used regardless of the current brand a person supports or owns. For example, the AUDAR dashboard can be accessed via browser, not app, and so whether you have an Apple or Android phone (Or any other) is irrelevant. The device transcends brand requirements.

Total Battery - Most commercial health watches last at most 2 days of use, with nightly charging accepted as a necessity in the industry. The AUDAR E2 refutes that. With the minimal power needed by the SIM, no Bluetooth, and the dynamic measurement system, the E2 has a working time of up to 10 days for hourly measurements. That's 768 measurements.

Family and Friends - Secure Cloud-Based telehealth platforms allow unique perspectives on health. You can receive personal alarms for the elderly directly from the E2 and all they have to do, as the wearer, is wear it! You and your family can actually see and interact with the SOS alerts, account and data. This gives your family more independence without sacrificing peace of mind.

Using IoT technology ensures the E2 can directly contact a phone number, no Wifi or Bluetooth needed. This makes the AUDAR E2 the only commercially available personal alarm that contacts family directly.

Emergency Alert Bracelet With SMS, Phone Call And GPS Response

Personal Alarms that contact family members and medical professionals alike are at the forefront of the transformation to digital healthcare, and the E2 is proudly the first IoT-enabled SIM-Integrated elderly alarm linked to mobile phone numbers for seniors and vulnerable people.

Using the SOS watch, you can utilise the mobile IoT to send instant warnings to the AUDAR dashboard and connected responders. The personal alarm linked to mobile phones allows direct SOS texts (SMS) and phone calls. The AUDAR dashboard will display GPS data when available and a link to this data is provided in the SMS.

Using the SOS Watch GPS data can also generate a route to the location. This location and vital sign data is available in any country, regardless of the country of purchase, making this one of the best personal alarm watches for elderly or vulnerable persons. Go on holiday or care for loved ones living abroad with a connection never before possible, at no extra cost.

Pioneering Battery Life

Using smart skin-contact sensors and efficient engineering from UK PhD-holders, the E2 squeezes up to 10 days of working time out of the rechargeable battery. Stay safe and connected 24/7 with minimal downtime, charging just once a week!

Fall Detection Algorithm

The AUDAR E2 uses a fall detection watch algorithm to send automatic alerts via phone call or SMS to registered responders such as family or friends. Our advanced system, utilised a gyroscope for angular data and accelerometer for speed, allowing accurate reporting of hard falls. Name, timestamp and location are provided as well as a route-planning option inside the dashboard.

Please Note: Fall detection is suitable for hard or fast falls, and may not accurately report slow falls.

AUDAR Health Dashboard Connection

The E2 health monitor data is sent directly to your personal AUDAR health dashboard accessible from any browser, with no app or specific device requirements. View daily health data by the hour and access comprehensive weekly graphs all in a convenient webpage.

This page can be shared with family or professionals to communicate your health status easily and identify moments of exertion, fatigue and concern.

Please Note. Due to the use of the internal SIM Card using mobile IoT narrow-band communication, there is a yearly connection fee. All E2 watches come as standard with 1 year of service and 1 SOS Alert token.

Your included first-year of connection begins when a device is added to your AUDAR Health Dashboard. This connection is contract-free with no rolling charges.

For all information on SOS tokens and telehealth connections please see the FAQ and User Information tab above.

Elderly Home Care Vital Signs

The E2 measures vital signs hourly* (*Adjustable) to create a consistent overview of your health and status. This can show you otherwise hidden trends and points of exertion.

Telehealth provides data across the following metrics:

  • Heart Rate. Measure BPM hourly by default and take manual readings after specific actions or routines to accurately pinpoint areas of exertion and stress.
  • Blood Pressure. Regulate your energy and eating habits more reliably with both Systolic and Diastolic blood pressures provided hourly, or manually at will.
  • Temperature. Keep an eye on spikes in temperature from hot flushes, exercise or other routines. Make manual measurements when you feel cold despite it being sunny or hot in the winter months.
  • Blood Oxygen. Spot drastic health effects by reviewing Blood Oxygen and ensuring it remains at almost 100%.

These metrics are instantly available in a browser, and securely transmitted by mobile IoT to your caregivers or family members.

Measurements are taken automatically twice per hour or every 1, 2, 4 or 6 hours (settings are chosen per device in the AUDAR Dashboard) as well as manual measurements available through the watch. This results in neat daily graphs with 48, 24, 12, 6 or 4 measurements a day.

Waterproof, Adjustable, Wearable

August set out to make a watch that innovated without sacrifice. Enjoy all the cutting-edge communication in a comfortable and adjustable watch with time displays, battery readout and brightness settings.

The unit is IP67 waterproof so that you can use the watch whatever the weather, without having to break your consistent vital sign monitoring. The watch is built from the ground up to provide you with a reliable weekly report for all your vitals.

Measurement Considerations:

Due to the nature of measurement technology, even the most up-to-date chipsets have limiting factors. If you find results unsatisfactory please consider the following:

  • Skin pigmentation, dryness and hair density may change the effectiveness of the measurements
  • The watch must be worn sufficiently tight
  • When possible, remain stationary for the duration of a measurement
  • For best results keep your arm and hand flat, with fingers slightly separated for the duration of the measurement
  • Accuracy of measurements may be affected by physiology, location of the device and movement during activity

Product Specifications

Heart Rate: Range 30 - 240bpm (Manual and Automatic measurements at a 1 - 6 time interval are adjustable)
Body Temperature: Range 32 - 42c (Manual and Automatic measurements at a 1 - 6 time interval are adjustable)
Sp02 Blood Oxygen: Range 90 - 100% (Manual and Automatic measurements at an adjustable time interval of 0.5, 1, 2, 3 and 6 Hours.)
SOS Alert: Red Button for SOS Location Reporting to saved contacts.
Brightness: 4 adjustable levels.
Global Positioning: AGPS 5 - 50m or WiFi with 10 - 100m accuracy.
Battery Working time: up to 10 Days
Standby Time: up to 30 Days
Battery Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
Charging device: via 5v USB Pogo Charging Cable
Working Temperature: -10 to 45c (Storage: -20c to 60c)
Display: 1.09" TFT 240x240 Touch Screen
Connectivity: Embedded MEFF2 SIM Card
IoT (Internet of Things) Connectivity: Global LTE-M & NB-IoT with Automatic Network Switch
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Motion Sensor: 6 Axis Accelerator & Gyroscope
Vital Sign Sensors: Highest standard and accuracies for Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure and Body temperature.

Product Dimensions: 45x42x13mm (Excluding Strap)
Product Weight: 46.5g with included Magnetic Silicon Strap

Product Contents

AUDAR E2 Vital Sign Watch with Magnetic Wrist Strap
USB Magnetic Charging Cable
Quick Start Guide
1 Year of Telehealth with Communication Fee Included
1 SOS Alert Tokens

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FAQ and User Information

Pricing Overview

Your first year of telehealth services is included in the product price. Further yearly access to the telehealth platform can be purchased through your AUDAR Health Dashboard for £25 per year. Further SOS SMS / Phone Calls can be purchased in bundles or individually for £1.00 each through your AUDAR Health Dashboard. Please be aware that SOS alert tokens can only be used if you hold an active connection to facilitate the communication. All communication features are active internationally, with no data roaming charges.

AUDAR Health Dashboard and Caremate Communication Services Connection

The E2 watch uses mobile IoT and internal SIM cards to communicate in moments with carers, patients and your personal AUDAR Telehealth Platform Dashboard.

Access to these international communication networks is charged annually for £25 per year and provides access to wireless communication of your data for Caremates as well as facilitating the sending and receipt of SOS Texts and Phone Calls. This charge is to be paid directly through your AUDAR Health Dashboard, and reminders will be sent when your first year is coming to an end.

If you choose to not pay for this service, the E2 will display and measure health data locally but access to the international IoT narrow-band network will be unavailable, including sending SOS alerts.

SOS Text and Phone Call Tokens

The E2 watch comes as standard with a year of Telehealth service, and 1 SOS alert token. Each SOS token sends out an SMS and a Phone Call from the emergency alert watch to the Primary Caremate phone number you registered on the Dashboard. Tokens are spent one-per-recipient to send both the SMS and Call.

For example, if I use an SOS with two contacts in my AUDAR address book set to receive SOS alerts then two tokens will be spent, sending one SMS and one phone call to each recipient. Tokens can be bought individually for £1.00 or bundled for a discount directly via your Dashboard.

Deviation Report SMS Messages

The E2 can send deviation report messages to a connected phone number which allows you to immediately see when vital signs stray out of your set range. This feature is completely optional. To set your deviation range please refer to professional medical advice.

Please note that deviation reports are available and included with the Telehealth Dashboard, but that receiving direct SMS of these reports operates on a credit system as an optional way to receive deviation data more quickly than checking your account. Credit can be added via the AUDAR Health Dashboard and is reduced by 25p per deviation report.

A contact in your AUDAR address book can be set to receive either SOS or deviation reports, or both. At least one contact must be set to receive SOS alerts.

Account Exclusivity

When using the AUDAR Health Dashboard, only one device (Phone, tablet, PC etc) can be logged in to your account at any one time. This does not stop multiple caremates or patients from viewing and using the data, so long as they each have their own free account.

If you plan to have care workers or other individuals viewing the data on both their personal smartphone and a workplace/office PC then we advise creating a separate "Admin" or "Office" account which can remain logged-in even when individual nurses/carers use their account on other devices.

Medical Disclosures

The E2 is a lifestyle device. The E2 is not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or management of any medical condition or disease. All data provided is for personal reference for lifestyle changes and does not qualify as prescribed medical advice. If concerned, users should always seek professional medical advice from a physician.

  • Temperature and Blood Oxygen sensors are for wellness and lifestyle purposes, not intended for medical use.
  • Tracking data on the AUDAR Health Platform should not be used to diagnose a health condition.
  • Do not begin a new medication, end current medication or otherwise change your prescribed medical routine based on the information of the E2.
  • Users should measure their blood pressure when at rest, as they would do with a traditional cuff, and refrain from measuring when they are working out, smoking, or drinking.
  • For accurate blood pressure readings, a calibration is required every 4 weeks by a medical blood pressure monitor & arm cuff.
  • Measurements of blood oxygen and blood pressure require the device to be worn sufficiently tight and require the user to remain still while the measurement is taken.
  • Heart rate measurements may not be reliable if you have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices.
  • The use of some dyes, such as methylene blue (used in surgery), henna or tattoo ink may affect the absorption of light and the results produced.
  • Skin pigmentation may cause overestimates of SpO2 saturation levels as well as reduced frequency of Blood Pressure readings, so this may need to be considered for an individual’s readings.
  • The radio frequency emitted by the device may interfere with some hearing aids. Seek advice from the manufacturer to determine whether or not the hearing aid will be affected by the radio frequencies emitted.
  • Measurements may not be reliable if you are pregnant.
  • "Inconclusive" measurements may be retaken manually through the watch.
  • Accuracy of measurements may be affected by physiology, location of the device and movement during activity.

User Manual Download

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