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Warranty and Support



All goods supplied are covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty with a UK or European return and repair address. Please read the warranty terms carefully after receiving the product and register with us, the product manufacturer or an agent of the manufacturer should the terms require you to do so.

Customers should send faulty products back to us or to agents of the manufacturer for repair or replacement. If the fault is deemed un-repairable or there has been a major component failure, we will send a replacement, which may be either new or reconditioned to working condition. If the product is not repairable and is no longer available in stock or the manufacturer has ceased production, then an alternative model with equal or higher specifications will be offered. We may recommend that you consider accepting an upgraded model of your product and pay the difference of prices between the two models. In the case that you do not wish to accept our offer, we will then refund a proportion of the cost you paid to the product for the remaining time of the warranty period.

Please note that the manufacturer's warranty will not apply to any misuse, excessive wear and tear or commercial use. Please note that if repairs are undertaken by anyone other than the manufacturer or an authorised agent, the warranty will be void.



If you have experienced difficulty using the product(s) bought from us and cannot find the answers from the Users Manual, please contact us by either email or telephone to explain the problems you have encountered, as in many cases, the problem can be resolved by our customer service representatives through email or telephone. If the problem cannot be solved by email or telephone, we will then recommend you to return the product to us, the product manufacturer or an agent of the manufacturer for repairing or replacement.