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Smart TV Remote

With the advent of Smart TV and the multitude of apps, TV channels, catch-up services, internet browser access and even videogames accessible directly through our TV’s it was only a matter of time before we needed more than a simple button pad. Smart remotes for smart TVs, complete with wireless mouse and keyboard functions, are the best way to make all your Smart TV content accessible and easy to use.

Air Mouse

Firstly, the more advanced of these products like the PCR500 feature an Air Mouse function. An Air Mouse is a type of remote mouse that works through gyroscopic technology in-built in the device. This means you can control a cursor on a system wirelessly, and without any surface to drag a mouse across!

This is perfect for TV when you are on the sofa and need to access specific apps or dialogue boxes. Click reCAPTCHAs on websites, scroll feeds and switch apps intuitively with free movement over the on-screen cursor from mid-air! Control your TV fully wirelessly.

Full Alphabet Keyboard

The PCR500 features a fully functional QWERTY keyboard with symbols included (No Function buttons). This means once you have clicked a search bar with your air mouse you can immediately start typing naturally as if on a normal keyboard. Find shows, search browsers and play games more easily with a keyboard for smart TV.

The compact design means you have your mouse and wireless keyboard, and standard TV Remote buttons, all in one place without having to make your PC keyboard wireless for TV. Smart TV keyboards don’t get more compact and lightweight than this!

Standard Smart TV Button Pad

Alongside smart TV keyboards you also get access to a remote-control button bad. Change channels and sources like a standard remote for smart TV. Remote controls aren’t made over-complicated or hard to use as the added features are additional, not replacement.

USB Connectivity

Our universal smart TV remote features an advanced air mouse and wireless keyboards use a USB RF connector. This wireless USB dongle plugs straight in to your TV and allows direct connection between the remote and the TV. This lowers latency, improves responsiveness and stops any annoying wires trailing across the room or TV stand.

The USB and remote communicate with Radio Frequency which means the dongle can be inserted into the back of the TV subtly without breaking connection. No line-of-sight is required between the remote and the TV itself.

The other benefit of USB connections is the universal nature of USB ports. You can use the PCR500 as a remote mouse/keyboard for TV or any smart device, Samsung TVs, Nvidia Shield, PC, laptop and more. Simply insert the USB and assume full mouse / keyboard control.

Accessible Content at an Accessible Price

The PCR500 can be found on daffodil below. Explore our range of TV, office and remote products and make the most of your Smart TV. You have access to thousands of shows across hundreds of apps and websites, so make accessing them easy!

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