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This 12v Caravan TV Has Been Upgraded for Spring Camping 2024

It's no secret that August International are the go-to supplier for our portable TV sets. In a world of always-online TV and streaming available to people's phones 24/7, portable TVs began to fall out of fashion.

However, for the avid caravaner, nothing beats a portable Freeview-ready TV and multimedia player to ensure you always have a way to waste a few hours!

Caravan TV has some specific requirements, not just the size, and this makes August TV's the perfect fit. August have taken 2024 as an opportunity to update their popular DA900 model of 9 Inch unit. Learn more about this exciting change and why it's perfect for caravans!

Portable TV for a Caravan

First and foremost the August DA900 is still a 9 inch TV set. The whole unit, including the tuner for Freeview TV and radio as well as ports for multimedia playback, are all tucked in a compact 9 x 8 inch set which can be stored in caravan cupboards, popped in a glove compartment or kept in hand-luggage with ease.

The light weight and small size thankfully haven't changed in the update, but the screen itself has!

Brand New High-Definition Screen

The new DA900's feature a brand-new, high-quality screen which offers tangible colours and less desaturation. This results in sharper images and more vibrant colours for no extra energy costs, keeping the battery life the same. The reduced glare and improved viewing angle is also perfect for lounging in a tent or fitting into a nook in a campervan.

Replacing the screen was a great decision for a caravan TV as it keeps the power usage low while also increasing usability and quality. August remain committed to OG tech, without any fancy online requirements or apps. Simple, but effective TV units like this are a rare breed and having access to the new screen on a portable TV in 2024 is a brilliant way of updating the concept!

See the difference below:

Old Screen New Screen
800 x 400 Resolution 1024 x 600 Resolution
200cd/m2 Brightness 260cd/m2 Brightness

Without manufacturers like this, bits of tech such as portable TVs would simply cease to exist. Devices such as the August DA100 are still used to this day by the BBC, most famously for the Stratford Olympic Park, and are a testament to the simple joy of British broadcasting.

Handy 12 Volt TV

The DA900 is charged via a 12v adaptor, and a car dash version is available to keep the unit charged even on-the-go or far from a mains socket. One key requirement for a TV for a caravan is being able to operate far from a mains connection, and save energy wherever possible. By using a standard 12 volt TV connection you ensure compatibility and can charge from your vehicle.

The battery for the DA900 is fully internal so there's no need to fill it up with AA's, simply charge it up and you're all set for up to 4 hours of wireless use.

TV Aerial for Caravan

If you're indulging in the newly updated DA900 this spring then make sure you'll be able to get reception! A portable aerial allows you to get reception across the vast majority of the UK, especially if you use a high gain or amplified aerial and position it facing the nearest transmitter.

While the DA900 12v Caravan TV does have an inbuilt Freeview tuner, it can only tune what it receives! You still need an aerial to actually receive the TV signal, so that the TV can display it on the smooth new screen.

The best unamplified high gain caravan TV aerials are the August DTA600 and August DTA455 while the best amplified aerial is the DTA300. Bear in mind the amplified aerial will need a mains connection so that you can benefit from the signal boost.

USB Multimedia Player

If you're really going out of town and know TV reception will be weak, why not load up a USB stick of films and shows to watch offline? The DA900 can play photos, music and videos from an inserted USB stick without needing a TV reception. This is great for giving the kids some pre-chosen content on-the-move or enjoying TV in very hilly areas of the country in which reception is easily interrupted.

Upgrade Your Camping Kit Today

Jump headfirst into camping season with your trusty new 12 Volt TV for caravan holidays and road trips! We are happy to support August as they keep traditional, practical, analogue tech running in a world slowly becoming dependent on just one type of network: the internet. Being able to watch TV over the nation without a router or fibre connection is something we have to make the most of ahead of 2034!

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