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Multiroom Adapter for Speakers

Modernising old devices is a fan-favourite topic at Daffodil. August International (Who we stock deliberately for this reason) has always been a stubborn, retro-feeling company. Even when they're innovating and creating Multiroom Speaker Systems, they take the time to make sure older, wired speakers can join the network too!

Learn how to add Wi-Fi a Wifi Audio Receiver to any 3.5mm or Optical Audio device and act as a hub for your home's audio.

What is a Multiroom Network?

A multiroom speaker network is commonly, nowadays, a Smart Speaker system. That's a bunch of Amazon Echo or Google Assistant or Siri Speakers all connected together throughout the home. More often than not these just get to relay an AI voice, but for those with grander, more musical plans you can get a dedicated speaker network for Hifi music without needing Google, Siri or any other AI!

The network enables speakers in multiple rooms to play simultaneously, or separately at will. Furthermore, a dedicated independent network like the August A-Link will allow you to set each speaker as Left or Right channel for true surround sound.

What Does a WiFi Speaker Adapter Do?

If you don't have a "Smart" home and already own some truly high-fidelity audio devices that output exactly the bass and treble you want then an adapter if your ticket to Multiroom Network independence.

By connecting an audio over wifi adapter to a speaker you can command it not only to play audio (As if on Bluetooth) but also to synchronise with any other speakers on the same Wifi. The adapter acts as a Wifi transmitter/receiver to carry and send these audio signals.

Why to use a Wifi Adapter for Speakers

Once you have your components and are ready to create your network you simply need to connect the device with suitable cables.

If connecting with 3.5mm audio jack remember to use a 2-pin cable! A single-pin 3.5mm cable will only carry mono audio, which makes your fancy Wi-Fi options less impactful. For example, you'd be unable to select Left or Right channels.

The WR320 adapter has 3.5mm audio cable input, but also Optical Audio. Hifi systems will often support this format and ensures compatibility with your current good quality speakers.

These adapters are best used when you have a number of speakers throughout the house but no "Smart" integration. You can gain all the benefits of wireless speakers and multiroom audio without needing specific brands!

Connectivity Options

3.5mm and Optical Cabled Audio

The WR320 Multiroom Adapter allows you to connect speakers to your Wifi via 3.5mm and Optical Audio.

Bluetooth Wireless Direct Connect

However, it also supports direct Bluetooth connections so you can connect to a single speaker quickly. This also enables you to play any audio from the paired device, rather than just app audio like Spotify and Tidal, and Tune-In for radio.

Ethernet Wired Connection

On top of that the device has a wired Ethernet port for Ethernet cables. This means you can connect to a network even faster, and with higher-speed transmission from the device too.

Read Full August A-Link App Guide:

For a full guide to the August A-Link app, which you'll use to synchronise and connect your WR320, view the article here.

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