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Headset For Nintendo Switch

The EP650 Headphones with Internal Microphone are a popular top-seller from August, who specialise in audio, TV and radio. The headset is light, bass-enhanced, EQ-Adjustable, long-lasting and padded for extended use. These qualities are all vital for a headset, but even more so for a Nintendo Switch gamer.

If you want a multi-purpose gamer headset for Nintendo Switch that you can also take to work and use in meetings then the EP650 is a solid choice of reliable features.

Lightweight Portable Headset

The first feature is a dedication to light weight and portability. The EP650s are 235 Grams all-inclusive, with the microphone built-in. This makes them great for travelling as you can easily carry them, store in a bag without excess weight, or take on flights with minimal extra mass on the luggage scales.

When they’re in use, the lightweight construction ensures that you can use the headphones comfortably for extended periods. Whether it’s long flights catching Pokémon or a quick Kart race during your commute, the EP650 Headphones and the Switch are a fantastic team.

The form factor is more than just weight though, and the foldable design means the total dimensions can be as small as 12 by 18 cm! This also allows the headset to fit in a carry case, which can be stored with your Switch hardcase or carry bag and taken with it as a pair.

Premium Driver Units

Internal speakers in our phones, monitors and handheld consoles are slowly improving, but most audio experiences are still infinitely better through a dedicated device. The EP650s fulfil this purpose with powerful 50mm driver units in each ear. The speaker units are light but large, meaning you can experience full virtual-surround sound on-the-go.

From the sharp trills of a piano OST to the low thrum of a Kart engine, this gamer headset for Nintendo Switch carries game audio authentically. The depth and quality of sound for the price point is a testament to how accessible and affordable high-quality tech is becoming, and to the progress of audio tech overall.

Low Latency Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth codec is designed with this same authenticity in mind. The headset uses Bluetooth aptX Low Latency. This feature enables latency below 40ms, working to create synchronisation between your game and your audio even wirelessly. We have seen how vital contextual sound cues can be in games, and hearing them late could cost you! Bluetooth aptX LL works to ensure your sound effects, music and dialogue are all in sync with the game for maximum immersion.

Headsets like Turtle Beach Stealth series don’t always have aptX enabled, and so even if your console or Bluetooth Adapter is aptX LL those headphones won’t benefit from it. To ensure compatibility, always check that the headset you are looking at is confirmed as aptX Low Latency.

Committed to Longevity

EP650s don’t just include these features, but create synergy between them. To make the headset perfect for long flights and gaming sessions the battery supports 15 hours of playback per charge. Charging in under 2 hours gives you under 15% downtime! This means that on average for every 10 hours listening you only need 1.5 hours of charge.

The physical design rises to match the electrical design, as the cushioning on the earpads is thick and soft to maintain comfort even when used for the full battery life. The sponge is held in PU Leather, whereas some headsets use memory foam like the wired headset EPG100L.

Instant-Access Controls

When you’re constantly flicking between your Switch, phone calls, real-world traveling and then back to the Switch again, volume controls are vital. The EP650 uses a neat on-board button pad for volume control when gaming, as well as taking calls and controlling music with A2DP devices.

Everything about this headset makes it just that little bit more compatible with not only Nintendo Switch, but the lifestyle that surrounds it. There’s no point having the Switch on you if you never get a chance to fully enjoy it or get a proper audio-visual experience, and these headphones provide that experience on commutes, lay-ins, road-trips and flights!

In-Built Microphone

Wireless headsets of course feature mic controls, though unfortunately due to how Nintendo have chosen to implement voice chat this is not as useful as it could be. Nintendo require an app running on a separate device for voice chat, which means you can’t simply use your headset that is giving you game audio to also chat. It’s unfortunate, as Switch games tend to provide multiplayer experiences and seamlessly using one device would be ideal.

Regardless, the integrated mic does enable you to switch device at will and reply to calls, join game chats and more. Hopefully in the future we see full integration for the Switch to use microphones.

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