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The Brand New MB290 and MB291 Camping Radio

Technology that's usable and accessible anywhere is a big thing for us at Daffodil, which is why the latest audio device from August has us excited. With the sun coming out and spring moving swiftly on we are eager to plan some camping, hiking and cross-country holidays!

As if they knew, August have released 2 brand new radios featuring all the expertise in reception and audio that they have shown in top-sellers like the MB225 radio and DTA240 Amazon #1 Aerial.

The new survival radios MB291 and MB290 boast a high range of charging methods and audio options to make sure we can stay connected, entertained, informed and on-schedule during long hikes, summer camps, road trips and more.

Rechargeable Radios In Any Situation

Charge and battery are a huge factor in choosing a radio for climbing, hiking, camping and survival. You are likely to be away from mains power, or only have short periods with it from your car battery / portable generator.

The MB290 and MB291 feature 4500mAh batteries to ensure enough capacity for over 30 hours of constant use. Obviously, the real-time use is far longer as you will not be using every feature of the device all at once!

The charging methods are the best development, combining robust radio tech with alternative charging methods:

Hand Crank - Charge the Radio with the kinetic hand crank dynamo in any situation. Able to top up the battery or charge completely over enough time, the wind-up mechanism guarantees power is accessible in emergencies

Solar Power - The devices feature integrated solar panels on the top of the unit. These small panels can soak up energy for at least 8 hours of the day if kept outside. This provides a little boost in power, just enough to off-set minor use and keep the battery alive

USB-C Fast Charge - For the fastest charge you can simply connect the radio to a powered USB port on a laptop, car, mains or travel power bank

Radio Connectivity

MB290 DAB, DAB + and FM Radio

The MB290 features an inbuilt telescopic aerial for DAB, DAB+ and FM Reception. Easily switch mode with the buttons on the device and access over 60 pre-configured stations / frequencies.

Music, news and shows have never been more accessible while travelling! The other great thing is radio waves are used all over the world, so the MB290 can come with you on trips abroad and still function fully.

For more information on DAB and DAB+ read our short blog post about the differences between DAB and DAB+ radio.

MB291 FM and NOAA Radio

The MB291 takes a different, more specialist approach. Rather than providing modern digital radio, the MB291 focuses on AM / FM and VHF frequencies to provide a fuller range of modulation stations.

The upper limits include weather and informational channels used by the US and Canada for emergency / 24 hour weather reports. Stay in contact with the weather and any potential natural disaster reports even whilst on the road or far from a mains connection.

Audio Connections

MB290 audio inputs and outputs

The MB290 camping radio allows a 3.5mm standard aux cable connection to listen privately or publicly. This is perfect when you're close to neighbours at a campsite or if you're out in the wilderness in Scotland (Who still allow Wild Camping!).

Beyond the wired connections, MB290 also allows Bluetooth wireless connectivity with your mobile phone, laptops, PC etc. This means you can play Spotify, YouTube and all other smartphone app media even in the middle of a mountain range!

We love the fact this survival radio can let us play DJ around the campfire each night!

MB291 Audio Inputs and Outputs

The more specialised MB291 strips the Bluetooth functions to leave a wired-only connection. If you need, you can save on battery and have a dedicated weather radio without unneeded features included.

3-Brightness Torch

Similarly to our PUM300, August have incorporated and LED torch into this bit of kit. Featuring a torch on air pumps and travel radios or any other camping accessories is a great move, and helps us rest easy knowing we have access to light when we need.

The torches of the MB291 and MB290 have 3 brightness settings to beam out into the night, make minor adjustments around camp, make repairs to cars at night or just use as a nightlight / reading light.

Max Brightness - 3 LEDs active at once

Medium Brightness - 2 LEDs active at once

Low Brightness - 1 LED active

Get Ready for Spring Summer Camping 2023

With the year underway it's the perfect time to stock up on tech you'll need for camping and hiking this year. Daffodil stock a range of helpful items like the MB290 and MB291, but also portable electric windproof lighters, electric air pumps and IP Rated fitness / smart health watches!

View our Camping and Outdoors products below and our Travel Collection here

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