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Laser Pointer and Presenters

Daffodil are happy to provide professional, slick presentation devices that don’t overcomplicate the show while still providing a range of smart hot-keys and intuitive controls. Give the presentation you want to without restriction from your tech!

The LP200 sits next to a laptop with the USB receiver inserted into the laptop's USB port

RF Receiver USB Remote

All range of wireless presenters feature a snugly hidden USB receiver, which is simply popped out of the remote and inserted into a USB port on any laptop or PC. Since RF remotes pair on a very specific frequency, no drivers or calibration is needed. The remote and the receiver will immediately connect and provide control over the PC. Another benefit of RF compared to IR is that Radio Frequency Receivers will work even without line of sight. No more spinning around to face the PC just to change slide, you can press the button wherever your hand happens to be at that moment.

When you’ve finished (Hopefully with a flourish) you can unplug the USB RF Dongle and slot it back into the remote for storage. And speaking of storage…

A black leatherette carry case is featured next to the LP210, both are palm-sized and the case features a zip.

Free Included Carry Case

Many of the LP range come supplied with a leatherette carry case. Every presenter product except the PCR500 Smart TV Remote and the LP310 Air Mouse come as standard with one. The PU leather is safe, soft and stitched tightly to have maximum efficiency. The interior can house the remote, RF USB and even spare cables or accessories in a net mesh pocket. Check the “In the Box” image on our store pages to get a look at the cases!

A labelled diagram of LP205, with the hotkeys marked

Hotkeys and Simple Controls

Our Laser pointers and presenters feature a simple directional red laser, and a minimum of four hotkeys. These allow you to skip forwards and backwards through the presentation, hide the screen, and begin a presentation.

On top of that, another hotkey we like to include on many of our presentation clickers is ALT+TAB. For those who don’t know, holding ALT on your keyboard and pressing TAB will switch you currently active window or app. This means you can switch from PowerPoint to a Media Player and back without dealing with hyperlinks in the slideshow or using low-quality compressed videos embedded in the PowerPoint itself. Simply switch app, and switch back!

A USB charging cable inserts into the side of the laser pointer LP310, showing use of an internal rechargeable battery

Battery Life and Recharging

Some of our products, like the LP200, feature circular long-lasting CR batteries. Others, like the LP210 are instead rechargeable via cable and so provide indefinite use. Plan your trips and conferences, meetings and lectures accordingly and be ready for any surprise situations!

Air Mouse Technology

You can discover the technology of an Air Mouse in this blog post, which explains how an air mouse gives direct control over your PC cursor for greater freedom during presentations.

A hand holds the LP200 and measures it at 10cm long

Light Weight and Handheld

The LP200 is small enough to present without it being visible to the audience, while the other models and longer and thinner for a professional look. The weight is no higher than 30 grams, meaning you can present completely unhindered.

Compatibility and Ease-Of-Use

Because the RF Receivers are already paired, and the connection is a standard USB port, these presentation remotes are compatible with almost all Windows, Chromebook and Mac devices. There are no manual downloads or installs to run and no app needed, so very little will stop you plugging in and presenting!

Explore Our Range of Laser Pointers

Whether it’s a lecture, school presentation, workplace meeting, brainstorming session or personal project there’s sure to be a presenting tool for you here. Keep things simple with the LP200 or add more hotkeys with the LP230. If you want full keyboard and mouse control you can even try a PCR500 and type, search, chat and click through webpages and apps with ease remotely.

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