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Daffodil are proud to be creating one of the smallest, simplest and most robust mini-fans on the market! New stock has arrived for 2023, so let's explore just what makes our UFN100 such a nifty little fan. Learn how our fan blades support each other, about energy-efficient USB power and our minimalist, simple design that ensures low-noise.

Simple Portable USB Fan

With this model, we aimed to make the fan everything it needed to be and nothing it didn't. From a retailer who stock a Bluetooth LED Lamp and FM + DAB Radios with Bluetooth and Wifi audio this might sound surprising! But, when it comes to fans and keeping cool at work there's no point messing around.

The fan is just 4 inches across, and so can be accessed in just about any work space. Sat on top of a PC, on a windowsill or even hanging off a monitor! The small size and light weight are products of this focus on minimalism and function.

USB Powered with Supplied Cable

The UFN100 even makes powering it simpler. Without needing a mains socket you can plug the power cable straight in to any powered USB port. This can be a USB adapter like you'd use for your phone, or a port on a PC / Laptop. If you want to extend the usage even more you can plug right into a portable Power Bank and use the fan handheld!

Many cars, trucks and lorries also feature internal power systems that have USB access, so you can plug your fan in on the go and have a breeze even on motorways when you need your windows closed (And the Aircon is all out!).

Quad-Blade Design

The fan uses 4 separate blades to keep the air inside the unit constantly flowing. By having 4 blades following each other in such a small space, the air is only needing to be "cut" once. This means quieter operation, powerful air flow and even more energy efficiency!

The less energy you waste on generating heat (From friction / air resistance) and sound, the better. That's the principle behind using 4 blades in close proximity, less energy is spent breaking the air and the blades word in unison.

Standing or Hanging Mount

The included stand can be used to stand the fan upright, or inverted to hang the fan over edges such as computer monitors, shelves, books, curtain rails and more. The stand features rubberised segments that help grip the surface, both whilst standing or hanging.

Combining this versatile mount with the rotational capacity of the unit gives you true freedom of placement.

Rotatable Mini Fan

As mentioned, you can rotate the fan unit while it is standing or hanging. The whole fan spins up to 270 degrees for a huge range of positions, ensuring you can create a breeze at the right angle, without papers flying or your eyes getting dry.

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