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The Best Amplified Indoor TV Aerial for Business Owners

Offering a reliable and engaging experience to a huge array of situations is part of running a business, and incorporating a TV unit is a great way to add that engagement. From a hotel lobby or dentist waiting room to an independent café or even a sports bar, TV reception in places of business is vital for your customer experience.

We looked over all the August aerials and identified the DTA300 as the best TV Aerial for business owners based on the level of gain, amplification, ease-of-use and mounting / positioning as well as the style and aesthetics so you can quickly and easily set up a new TV for your customers or employees.

#1 Naturally High Gain / Amplified TV Aerial

The first factor to consider is the core of an aerial getting reception: High Gain levels. Aerial reception is generally based on the engineering of the flat aerial metallic plate, or metal rod in the case of a wire aerial. In the case of High Gain aerials, the reception is designed to be directional.

This means you can pick up signals from much further away than a low-gain aerial, but only in the correct direction! This benefit far outweighs the extra little bit of set-up, as it guarantees a stable experience for all clientele. Once the flat aerial is positioned in range with its High Gain you can be almost certain that the signal will stay connected.

#2 TV Aerial with Amplifier In-Built

The DTA300 supports up to a huge 28dBi of gain. To put that in to perspective, that’s over 5 times as much as the Amazon #1 Best Selling Aerial DTA240. This huge boost to the gain increases the range and coverage of the aerial to provide the most stable TV experience for your business.

Setting up the aerial booster is simple, as the unit is self-contained. Simply connect the power cable provided to a powered outlet and the booster inside the aerial itself will activate. No need for extra signal booster gadgets with the DTA300 amplifier aerial. This saves on money as well as unsightly and annoying cable management!

#3 Indoor Flat Aerial

Many places of business won’t be built with outside spaces, or may be one part of a larger building and happen to not have aerial / exterior access. The DTA300 is built to be used indoors rather than attached outside. This means you can hide the aerial away behind a counter or stood sheer against the wall. The gain and size both contribute to the indoor use of the aerial.

The total weight is just 267 grams. This light weight unit can be easily moved or safely placed on shelves with no overbearing attachment methods.

#4 LTE 4G Phone Signal Filter

Even if you set up a high gain aerial in range of a transmitter, there are other sources of interference. Phone signals and 4G data transmission can both interrupt and disrupt TV reception, no matter how good your aerial is…

That’s why the DTA300 has another in-built gadget: An LTE Filter. This filter turns on when the amplifier power cable is attached, saving you energy and cable use. The filter limits the interference from customer / employee / public mobile phone usage. If you want a TV set up in public spaces or dense high-streets then an LTE filter is a must.

#5 Minimalist Future-Proof Style

The unit comes with a stand which can make it a standard-looking piece of tech, no different to incorporating a router or other device into your architecture. In among a workplace the unit will fit in beautifully, and in a rustic café or bar can be set up in a corner or counter to avoid drawing attention.

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