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Waterproof Laptop Bag UK Version

Accessories deserve a spot on the showcase too! With all the portable televisions we supply and the travel bundle selling a lot with people planning their summer trips (I may be jealous) it is about time that one of the stars of the bundles gets some recognition…

A DA100 TV slots in to the top of the bag. A zipped pocket runs along the front width of the bag.

Oxford Fabric Bag

The BAG100 is a carry case bag with pockets and shoulder strap all wrapped up in Oxford Fabric and PU Leather backing. Oxford fabric has a variety of forms and can be made with varying amounts of material to create a unique blend of strength, flexibility, waterproofing and softness.

The BAG100 is sturdy and can support the weight of your portable TV, cables, aerial, accessories and more without ruining the shape of the bag entirely! The design helps cram it away in a car boot for a road trip just as easily as carry it on your shoulder to a picnic site.

Vegan Laptop Bag

The reinforcement provided to the bag are PU Leather inlays, so no real leather needed to be used to achieve a stylish and strong bag. Leather laptop bags are slowly phasing out of being the norm, and we believe the increased versatility and pliability of an oxford cloth bag makes for a better travelling experience.

Pockets and Zips for Real-World Use

The BAG100 doesn’t just have a spacious central section for your DA100 or DA900 (Or your own Laptops and other gadgets) but also provides a place for the required cables, small aerials and batteries!

The front exterior pocket is zipped separately from the central compartment for truly modular storage and easy access to what you need, while still being secure.

The interior features a space designed for our DA900 and DA100 TVs from August International. The bag is multipurpose, of course, and other similar 9 or 10-inch screens / devices should be well suited to the BAG100 Oxford “leather” bag.

Included in Our Travel Bundle

If you’re planning a summer road trip or picnics in a shady part of the park then our travel bundles include either August TV (DA900 or DA100) as well as a BAG100 carry case in addition to a 12V Car Power Adaptor! Everything you need to charge up your TV in the car for the journey, or for the destination!

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