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10 Caravan Motorhome Must-Have Gadgets

The changing weather is prompting a taste for adventure here at daffodil, and amongst our hype for the outdoors and holidays right now is an article on Motorhomes and Caravans! A getaway in a motorhome or caravan is a cheap, cheerful way to enjoy a different part of the country and more tactile lifestyle.

Explore the best 10 gadgets we stock for your next caravan park holiday or motorhome road trip to keep you entertained, safe and comfortable.

Portable 10 Inch Handheld TV - DA100

When saving space in your caravan without sacrificing amenities and tech is your goal, a portable TV is a must. This unit comes with a little stand, can be used as a handheld TV and even attached as a second monitor to laptops. If you needed to catch up on news, get work done, or just binge some recorded soaps / shows this small TV has you covered.

The TV itself has PVR functions too, so even if you are going to miss a show while traveling or heading to the nearest beach / hillside / pub then your shows will be waiting for you recorded onto a storage device.

There’s no need for a Set Top Box, either, as the DA100 TV comes with a Tuner and EPG system all in-built. You’ll still need an aerial to access Freeview Channels, like always. It’s also best to make sure the aerial you bring is small, but high-gain and flexible in its positioning.

Clip On Reading Light ULT300

If you're off-the-grid and wanting to stay up late or start early without disturbing nearby campers with your ceiling lights then a portable clamp LED is directional, powerful and versatile.

The gooseneck design enables you to bend and articulate the light easily so you can stay up reading, get a start on breakfast or navigate safely through the motorhome with minimal stress.

High Gain TV Aerial - DTA600

While the DTA240 is by far our most popular aerial, and does sport a good amount of gain while also benefitting from a magnetic base, the DTA600 is not to be overlooked. This unit features a rotatable and extendable telescopic aerial which adds a much easier level of adjustment to your signal. On top of that, the unit comes with wall-mounting options either using wall-safe sticky pads, or screws.

Having a larger unit like this is handy for proper camping and long-distance road trips where a smaller aerial might fall off.

The DTA600 is specialised for digital signals, and can receive Freeview as well as Freeview HD to make the portable TV in your motorhome crisp and clear.

Handheld Electric Air Pump - PUM300

Caravanning isn’t all bells and whistles, and the realities of DIY, fixing things up, doing hard work to clean and organise waste storage etc is part of the experience for many. A gadget for this more practical side of the hobby is an air pump; vital for the caravaners arsenal.

Refilling a neighbour’s ball, your motorhome tyres themselves, balloons and much more is going to be necessary at some point in the trip. An electric air pump saves you time and effort by automatically detecting PSI (Or other units of pressure) and coming as standard with 3 different nozzles.

Be the saviour of the caravan park or rescue the road trip by having one of these in the glove compartment!

Motion Sensor LED Light - LEC012

Waking up in the night can be a difficult situation even in a streetside home, and slapping a wall looking for the light switch (And the subsequent blinding flare that is your bulb) is unpleasant to say the least.

In a caravan or motorhome, you want light that is subtle, reactive, and most importantly energy-saving. The LEC012 are small magnetic LED lights that use motion sensors to provide temporary cones of visibility to any corridor, doorway, bathroom or bedside. They’re useful at home, and in a campervan or motorhome even more so!

Using LEDs means they are low-energy and provide more light per Watt than other bulbs, which you can explore in our energy-saving range here.

Bedside Digital Radio Alarm Clock with Remote Control - MB300

While I personally forgo the tight schedule of some motorists and holidaymakers, the MB300 is still a nice little addition to the back of the camper. It’s deceptively small, snuggly fits onto bedside tables or tucks into corners and most importantly can be remotely operated.

Navigating around a camper or motorhome can be claustrophobic at times, but being able to stay in bed and use the remote to cycle songs, stop alarms, check the time and more is a great way to make camper life more comfortable.

The radio speaker also features an internal rechargeable battery, so mains power isn’t needed. Needless to say, this makes the device invaluable on long trips or camping sites that deal with personal generators. The longer you can use gadgets without needing to recharge, the better!

While this unit doesn’t have Bluetooth, it does allow playing your own music from a USB or SD card, so your dreams of being the campsite DJ can be fulfilled just the same.

FM + DAB Camping Radio - MB290

Keeping track of the wider world and getting a variety of music / shows is just one feature of this radio. It can act as a personal radio like the MB300, with alarms through your Bluetooth-supported apps like Spotify. However, the MB290 is made for those emergencies when power has shut off, or the generator needs re-working, or you just want to head off on a hike!

The MB290 has 3 different charging methods for a sizeable battery (Capable of up to 60 hours of operation). You can charge the device with the USB-C cable for fast charging, or use a hand-crank dynamo attached to power any number of features. From radio to the wind-up torch, it can all be powered without a cord by using the crank.

As a final backup, there is a small solar panel in the top that can help maintain battery levels and stop the device completely discharging.

The torch and speaker can work together in an SOS mode, too, which can be used to easily communicate your location to anyone nearby.

Party Bluetooth Speaker - SE30

While we will all respect the quiet hours of whichever camp we are at, if you aren’t doing at least one motorhome disco session over the trip you’re doing it wrong!

These Bluetooth speakers are hefty, loud, and you can slot their oblong shape into caravans or motorhomes seamlessly. Connect in seconds (Even connecting multiple speakers together at once with Multiroom!) and play your own music from any Bluetooth device. Wow everyone with that Spotify playlist or use TuneIn Radio for live coverage and catch-ups even out in the sticks.

The huge buttons inbuilt to the top of each speaker make interaction tactile and fun, and accessible to everyone. This makes them the perfect speakers for 2023 Summer family holidays.

Flameless Electric Lighter - EC225

The practicalities of a caravan site or camping holiday make you appreciate and view gas and electricity entirely differently. Lighters are no exception, and a flameless electric lighter is a great way to be prepared without causing an open-flame risk.

Campsites that disallow open flames are also still accessible with a windproof flameless lighter like this. The coils used are replaceable as well as the battery being rechargeable, so the same lighter can last you multiple holidays of lights.

The device is multipurpose, with enough heat to light wicks or help start kindling going in addition to fitting perfectly on cigarettes.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds - EPG500

For the times when quiet hours aren’t enough, or you need to get something done during the day with all the noise going on, some noise-cancelling in-ear headphones are a necessity. These things use dual-microphones to detect and counter noises in real-time. If you need a recipe read or an audiobook orated then this pair of earbuds guarantee low latency, high quality and noise reduction.

The best thing is they are True Wireless Stereo Earbuds. This means you get directional sound, in stereo, from completely wirelessly charging devices! Charge up in moments between driving, parties, eating and hikes so they are always ready. Charging is done passively in their charging case so you don’t get tied down to one spot.

If you’re trying to get some gaming in while you’re away and take a Nintendo Switch or Steamdeck with you, these earbuds are great for portable gaming. The EPG500 gaming earbuds use low latency technology and gaming mode to give a deep, directional audio experience even on-the-go.

Learn how to pair them to your Switch here!

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